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PLEASE NOTE:  This information ONLY applies to you IF your transcript indicates you are on academic suspension following the 2019 summer session.

SUBJECT: Suspension status at the end of the 2019 summer session

NOTE FOR STUDENTS WHO RETURNED TO JMU FOR THE FALL 2018 SEMESTER, SPRING 2019 SEMESTER, AND/OR 2019 SUMMER SESSION THROUGH APPEAL/ACADEMIC REVIEW: If you have been allowed to return to JMU for the 2018 fall semester, 2019 spring semester, and/or 2019 summer session through appeal/academic review you are subject to the terms in your contract letter

Your academic record at the end of the 2019 summer session places you on academic suspension. According to university policy ( or, academic suspension is applied when a student’s cumulative grade point average is below the minimum required for continued enrollment. A student on academic suspension may not attend JMU for at least the following twelve months, except as described in the Continued Enrollment Appeal paragraph of this memo.

Students placed on academic suspension for the first time may apply for re-entry after, at minimum, a twelve-month absence by submitting an Intent to Enroll form with requested documentation. If you have been suspended more than once, you will be required to remain separated from JMU for a minimum of twenty-four months and may only apply to return under the Transfer Equivalent Option. An academic review committee evaluates re-entry requests of academic suspension students to determine whether or not a student may return to James Madison University. Re-entry is not guaranteed.

Continued Enrollment Appeal. You may only make an appeal for continued enrollment after a first suspension. If you believe that there are extenuating circumstances associated with your first academic suspension, you may submit a written appeal. Appeals for continued enrollment must be addressed to the contact person for your college. (More detailed information on the continued enrollment appeal process may be found at Appeals from students who attended JMU during the 2019 summer session should be sent immediately after completing summer classes and must be received no later than August 2, 2019.

Transfer Credit from Other Institutions. You may wish to consider taking courses at another institution for transfer credit at JMU. To do this, you should complete paperwork with the JMU Registrar prior to enrolling in the course(s) to verify that the courses will be accepted by JMU. A maximum of 12 credit hours will be accepted as transfer credit. These courses cannot be used to raise your GPA at JMU (your JMU cumulative grade point average is calculated only based on grades earned for course work completed at JMU), but may be considered when evaluating your re-enrollment.

Review the Academic Standing, Continued Enrollment, and Re-Entry webpage ( for additional information about the university's policies concerning academic standing, continued enrollment, re-entry procedures, transfer credit, and financial aid. The webpage offers information that will help you make informed decisions; you should read this page carefully to assure that you understand your rights and responsibilities.

If you are living on campus in a residence hall or on Greek Row, you are obligated by the terms and conditions of the JMU Living Contract. You must contact a staff member or the Office of Residence Life (540-568-4663) to officially check out of your housing assignment.

If you have any questions, contact the person listed below for your college.

College of Arts & Letters, Mr. Dietrich Maune at

College of Business, Ms. Molly Brown at

College of Health and Behavioral Studies, Dr. Paula Maxwell at

College of Integrated Science and Engineering, Dr. Jeffrey Tang at

College of Science and Mathematics, Dr. Anthony Tongen at

College of Visual and Performing Arts, Dr. Wren River Stevens at

Outreach and Engagement (Adult Degree/BIS), Dr. Windi Turner at

University Programs (IDLS and Undeclared majors), Ms. Catherine Crummett at



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