I was academically suspended at the end of the 2023 spring semester.  How do I appeal my suspension/request continued enrollment?

Academic standing/status is not appealable; no one at JMU can overturn or remove your spring 2023 academic suspension standing.  If no prior (to spring 2023) academic suspension notations appear on your transcript, you are eligible to appeal for continued enrollment at JMU for the 2023 fall semester by submitting a Continued Enrollment Request Form


If my academic standing/status after taking JMU summer session courses is academic probation or good standing, do I need to submit a Continued Enrollment Request Form in order to have a chance of being allowed to stay at JMU?

No.  If you reach academic probation or good standing by the end of JMU's 2023 summer session, you are eligible to enroll/remain enrolled at JMU for the 2023 fall semester.


What information does the Continued Enrollment Request Form ask for?

Click here to see what information the form asks for/requires.


Who will be reviewing my Continued Enrollment Request Form/deciding whether or not I can come back to JMU for fall 2023?  

The Associate or Assistant Dean of your college. 


Where can I find the name and e-mail address of my Associate or Assistant Dean?

The College Contacts page lists the names and e-mail addresses of the Associate and Assistant Deans.   


I don't know what college my major/program is a part of.  Where can I go to find that information?

Go to College Contacts page and click on a college's name.  Clicking on a college's name will take you to a webpage that lists that college's majors.

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