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Our values represent who we are and who we strive to be.

The Division of Academic Affairs commits to upholding and embodying these shared values in our priorities and actions.


Value Description(s) Sample Behavior(s)

Academic Excellence

Academic Excellence means we set ambitious goals and surpass them.

  1. We achieve inclusive academic excellence through innovative programs and high-quality service to the University and our local, national, and international communities.
  2. We lead the University in accomplishing its mission and vision.
  3. We improve the world by pursuing, sharing and advancing knowledge.
  4. We enrich the world through the exhibition and performance of creative works.


Collaboration embraces the power and benefits of working together to achieve results.

  1. We actively seek diverse people and perspectives at all stages of collaboration.
  2. We strive to produce better outcomes through diverse teams.
  3. We strive to identify and support all types of collaborative endeavors.
  4. We promote collaborative experiences within the classroom and across disciplines.
  5. We demonstrate a generosity of spirit and willingness to share freely.


Equity means actively improving diversity, access, and inclusion, and removing barriers.

  1. We integrate diverse perspectives, recognizing that this results in a more enriching and representative environment.
  2. We intentionally include and provide resources to people traditionally left out of processes and decision-making.
  3. We remove barriers to participation and build inclusive and equitable processes.
  4. We advocate for the welfare of others.
  5. We are committed to creating an anti-racist and anti-discriminatory environment.

Faculty & Staff Development

Faculty and staff development mean we invest in our employees’ well-being and life-long learning.

  1. We support continual educational, professional, and personal development opportunities that enrich the individual and the University.
  2. We provide diverse, equitable, and inclusive access to development opportunities for faculty and staff.
  3. We support innovative development opportunities for faculty and staff across their careers.
  4. We recognize and support the importance of self-care and work-life integration, to promote the well-being of faculty and staff.

Integrity & Transparency

Integrity means doing the right thing; transparency means the contexts for those actions and decisions are made visible.

  1. We use ethical principles and honesty to guide our decision making and actions.
  2. We do what we say we’re going to do and provide opportunities for honest feedback and opendiscussions.
  3. We share as much information as we can while protecting confidentiality.
  4. We focus our actions for the betterment of our constituents and community.


Stewardship is the careful and ethical use of our human, financial and environmental resources.

  1. We anticipate challenges and proactively adapt to them.
  2. We champion best practices and innovative approaches that make JMU more sustainable.
  3. We streamline or create processes to better serve JMU’s faculty, staff and students.
  4. We contribute to the vitality of our communities and campus.

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