Strategic Goal 2

Centering evidenced-based anti-racist, anti-discriminatory and anti-harassment national best practices, Academic Affairs will foster an inclusive and evolving community that supports a thriving and supportive academic culture.


Objective 1:  

Progressively increase strategic activities that align with national anti-racist framework priority areas. 

  • Institutional Structure 
  • Policies and Procedures 
  • Resource Allocation  
  • Academic Equity and Student Success 
  • Curriculum and Pedagogy 
  • Hiring, Retention and Promotion  
  • Institutional Programming 
  • Education/Training/Employee Development 
  • Campus Climate/Culture 
  • Admissions and Access 

Objective 2:  

Implement strategic activities that address discrimination, misconduct, harassment, adverse experiences and promote mental wellness, as identified in the Climate Study and 2021 COACHE Survey, resulting in a more inclusive campus environment.

Objective 3: 

Actively recruit and retain instructional faculty, A&P faculty and staff, who represent our increasingly diverse student body, to foster a more inclusive community.

Objective 4: 

Support the development of research and/or grant funded projects grounded in advancing diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice concepts.


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