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Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs and Curriculum
Year Started at JMU: 2022
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Faculty Affairs and Curriculum

The Office of Faculty Affairs and Curriculum serves both students and faculty by promoting and enhancing the academic culture of the university. Our core values include communicating the mission and vision of the Division of Academic Affairs to a variety of constituents, upholding the integrity of students’ academic performance, facilitating the development of curriculum, fostering diversity, cultivating innovation in teaching and scholarship, and developing academic policies and procedures.


Hannah Evans, Executive Assistant
Sheldon Hall, Room 104 | 540.568.3404 | evanshg@jmu.edu 

Administrative Units

Academic Affairs Policy
Dr. Michael O'Fallon, Associate Vice Provost
Sheldon Hall, Room 109 | 540.568.6898  ofallomj@jmu.edu

Academic Effectiveness and Evaluation
Mr. John Burgess, Associate Vice Provost
Sheldon Hall, Room 107 | 540.568.7074| burgesjg@jmu.edu

Academic Program Review
Dr. Jeanne Martino-McAllister, Coordinator
Burruss Hall, Room 115 | 540.568.8117 | martinjm@jmu.edu

Accreditation and Recognition
Dr. Herb Amato, Associate Vice Provost 
Sheldon Hall, Room 225 | 540.568.3576 | amatohk@jmu.edu

Academic Credentialing
Kathryn W. Brown, Coordinator 
Sheldon Hall, Room 110 | 540.568.3432 | wendelkt@jmu.edu  

Center for Faculty Innovation
Dr. Gilpatrick Hornsby, Interim Executive Director
Godwin Hall, Room 367 | 540.568.4636 | hornsbgd@jmu.edu

Curriculum Development 
Dr. Paula Maxwell, Associate Vice Provost
Sheldon Hall, Room 102 | 540.568.8872 | maxwelpj@jmu.edu

Kimberly McGivern, Curriculum Systems Manager
Sheldon Hall, Room 108 | 540.568.5919 | mcgivekd@jmu.edu 

Janina Peachey, Catalog Production Editor 
Sheldon Hall, Room 103 | 540.568.7998 | peachejf@jmu.edu 

Saman Nasser, Catalog Production Support Specialist 
Sheldon Hall, Room 101 A | 540.568.3467 | nassersr@jmu.edu 

Academic Programs and Equity
Dr. Margaret M. Mulrooney,  Senior Associate Vice Provost 
Gabbin Hall, Room 112 | 540.568.2852 |  mulroomm@jmu.edu

General Education Program

Martha Hemingway,  Administrative Assistant
Gabbin Hall, Room 110 | 540.568.2852 | hemingmm@jmu.edu

Dr. Sarah Brooks,  Cluster One Coordinator
Duke Hall, Room 1038 | 540.568.6642 | brooksst@jmu.edu

Dr. Dennis Beck, Cluster Two Coordinator
Estes Center, Room 2222 | 540.568.6386 | beckdc@jmu.edu

Dr. Elizabeth Brown, Cluster Three Coordinator
Roop Hall, 122 | 540.568.8763 | brownet@jmu.edu

Dr. Kayla Yurco, Cluster Four Coordinator
Engineering/Geosciences 2109 | 540.568.7750 | yurcokm@jmu.edu 

Dr. Kethera Moore, Interim Cluster Five Coordinator
Miller Hall, Room 1169 | 540.568.2931| foglerka@jmu.edu


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