Comprised of four Faculty Senate representatives, four academic administrators, and three ex-officio members, this joint task force will deepen and expand our collective understanding, expertise, and best emerging practices for activating shared governance across the range of activities, responsibilities, and areas in Academic Affairs and across campus.

The 2022-2023 goals include:

  • Exploring current structures and existing practices
  • Assessing communications strategies
  • Collecting relevant research from a range of higher education experts
  • Integrating JMU Climate Study results related to shared governance
  • Proposing a plan to implement shared governance professional development opportunities including workshops, seminars, and/or guest speakers tailored to the JMU context


  • Smita Mathur, College of Education, Faculty Senate, Co-Chair
  • Bethany Nowviskie, Libraries, Co-Chair

  • Sasha Kokhan, College of Science and Mathematics, Faculty Senate
  • Kristen McCleary, College of Arts and Letters, Faculty Senate
  • Hala Nelson, College of Science and Mathematics, Faculty Senate

  • Audrey Burnett, University Studies
  • Elizabeth Oldmixon, Faculty Affairs and Curriculum
  • Linda Thomas, The Graduate School

  • Michael O'Fallon, Faculty Affairs and Curriculum, Ex Officio
  • Meg Sander, University Counsel, Ex Officio
  • Ben Selznick, Strategic Leadership, Ex Officio


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