The Mengebier Professorship is a professorship that is held by one college for a period of two years. 

Award Criteria

Criteria for the award include direct quotes from documentation establishing the endowment, including wishes of the Class of 1958 and their remembrances of Rev. Dr. Mengebier:

  • “Commitment to building onto Madison’s tradition of teaching excellence.”
  • “Recognizes a professor who had a profound impact on the lives of thousands of Madison students.”
  • “Our friend – encouraging, advising.”
  • “Extraordinary teacher who aroused in his/her students new faith in their own ability.”

Guidelines for Consideration

In considering faculty for this award, a nominee must

  • be a full-time faculty member at the rank of Associate or Full Professor; preference will be given to length of service at the university.
  • show excellence in teaching and having had an impact on students through advising and mentoring in research.
  • have a consistent record of excellent performance in teaching/advising/mentoring. Possible indicators including being recognized by their college, the provost’s office, the university or a national association award.
  • demonstrate a connection with/impact on students (e.g., exceptional advising of a student organization, involving students in significant research).


Faculty or academic units within the college will make nominations or individuals may self-nominate.  Nominations should be submitted to the college dean’s office by January 15, 2021.


  • The application packet should consist of a letter (no more than five pages) that speaks to the criteria listed above and include a current academic vita.
  • To ensure consistency across colleges, the selection committee consists of the dean of the college that previously had the professorship, the dean of the receiving college, the dean of the next college in rotation and one Academic Council member who is not a dean of participating colleges.
  • The final designation is made by the Provost based on the recommendation of the selection committee.
  • Recipients will be announced at the award luncheon on April 29, 2021. The faculty member receiving the award will meet with the Class of 1958 at a scheduled event.  

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