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The committee is charged with providing administrative employees, both full and part-time, with the opportunity to share knowledge, collaborate to develop effective strategies for unit-assigned activities, gain experience in committee service, and to provide feedback to the Provost Office on problems and emerging issues. 

Have Any Questions, Ideas or Feedback for AAASAC?

If you have suggestions, ideas or topics that you would like to see discussed during either the Network or the Mentoring Gatherings, please reach out to any member of the Work/Life Balance Committee, the Executive Council or your AAASAC representative. 

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, or if there is an issue you would like to refer to AAASAC, please contact either your AAASAC representative or a member of the Executive Council.

We want to hear from you!

Thank you for all you do to contribute to the success of Academic Affairs and JMU!

Network Gatherings:

The AAASAC Work/Life Balance committee continues to welcome all administrative staff to join us for special network gathering sessions. We are working on upcoming gatherings for 2022. Stay Tuned!

Mentoring Opportunities:

Mentoring Opportunities via Network Gatherings

Have you taken a workshop but would now like to do a deep dive on the topic? Do you want the in-depth details of how a process works? If so, these opportunities are for you!

Beginning in 2021, the AAASAC Mentoring Committee will be hosting Network Gatherings on an array of topics (finance, event planning, course scheduling, etc.). Administrative staff will have the opportunity to interact with a panel of experienced administrative professionals and topic experts. These Q&A sessions are designed to provide information and networking opportunities, which will help you excel in your work! *Watch for further information and more details being released soon.*

New Employee Campus Tours:

The AAASAC Work/Life Balance Committee has created an Administrative Assistant Walking Tour Map to help new hires find buildings on campus that we often find ourselves involved with. This map highlights buildings on campus along with the department, spaces and features within.

Nominations for the Provost Award for Administrative Excellence for 2023-2024 are now open. To find the Provost Award for Administrative Excellence nomination information, please visit the website at: The deadline for electronically submitting nominations is Wednesday, January 31, 2024, at 5:00 p.m.

Provost Award for Administrative Excellence for 2023-2024 recipients

  • Kathy Lubkowski, Dean's Office, College of Integrated Science and Engineering 
  • Sheila Ward, Educational Foundations and Exceptionalities, College of Education

Provost Award for Administrative Excellence for 2022-2023 recipients: 

  • Benita James, Education Support Center, College of Education
  • Sandra Kinsey (Part-Time), Education Programs, College of Education
  • Susan Thomas, Libraries 

Provost Award for Administrative Excellence for 2021-2022 recipients:

  • Liana Bayne (Part-Time), Libraries
  • Erica Kann, Professional Development & Undergraduate Suite, College of Business
  • Sandra Purington, Dean's Office, College of Arts and Letter

Attend AAASAC Sponsored Events

  • Networking workshops
  • Connecting and Learning Together sessions

Volunteer to Share your Expertise 

  • Contact a member of the Work/Life Balance Committee to volunteer


The Academic Affairs Administrative Staff Advisory Council (AAASAC) recruits new members at the beginning of each calendar year. All employees, including those who are new to JMU, are welcome. Appointments will be for one-year terms that run July through June.  

Each AAASAC council member also serves on a standing committee. We are seeking members who will be actively engaged as both a council and standing committee member. The full council meets the second Wednesday of each month, 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm.; standing committees meet once a month for approximately an hour, with meetings scheduled to suit committee members and their work schedules. Day and time for committee meetings are set by the chair in consultation with all committee members. Total time commitment would be approximately 2 hours each month.  

The table below is best viewed at horizontal orientation on your device.

AAASAC Representatives

Unit(s) Represented Representative Email AAASAC Committee
College of Integrated Science and Engineering Juan Becerra Martinez  Outreach & Engagement 
Office of Vice Provost for Strategic Initiative and Strategic Affairs Sarah Burke  Recognition 
College of Integrated Science and Engineering Nikki Corley Recognition 
College of Health and Behavioral Studies Andee Henriques  Outreach & Engagement
Department of Psychology Megan Loucks  Recognition 
College of Health and Behavioral Studies Julie Love Mentorship
College of Integrated Science and Engineering Kathy Lubkowski Mentorship 
College of Arts and Letters Lori Patton  Mentorship
College of Science and Mathematics Sandra Purington Co-chair
ZPart-Time Administrative Employees Sandra Purington Executive Council
College of Business Katrina Spickler Work/Life Balance
Student Academic Success and Enrollment Management Kelly Sweet Recognition
College of Education Melissa Rebich Co-Chair
College of Visual and Performing Arts Donna Wampler  Mentorship 
College of Arts and Letters Rebecca White  Mentorship 
Department of Health Professions Marissa Zane Work/Life Balance

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