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Classified Faculty and Staff Employee Information

Important Notices

2016 W-2's were mailed from James Madison University on January 17th to the address on file in MyMadison under the Employee tab, as of 1/12/17.

Topics of Interest

Calendars & Deadlines
Available on HR website:
Affiliate Instructions and Form
Job Opportunities

Summer School Tax Withholding Instructions
For faculty wishing to make tax withholding adjustments for their summer pay, please reference our summer school calendars under the “Calendars and Deadlines” link on the left sidebar.

There are two calendars available...  a “guaranteed” course calendar and a “contingency” course calendar.
  Note:  A contingency course that “makes” is still considered a contingency course for the purpose of determining your scheduled pay dates.
In order for our office to assist with the calculations, faculty must provide the following information…
  1. The session(s) being taught (i.e. 1st 4 wks, 2nd 6 wks, etc…)
  2. The actual pay dates the payments are schedule to pay out
  3. The exact amount expected
  4. Your PeopleSoft Employee ID Number, or the last four digits of your SSN.
For payroll assistance, please contact Chris Jones (jones5cm), Jessica Hensley (henslejg), or Sherry Willis (willissl).

In an effort to “Go Green” , all adjustments must be made electronically via MyMadison.  There is a “DD and W-4/VA-4 Effective Date Table” calendar located under our “Calendars and Deadlines” link as well.  This calendar will identify when changes must be made via MyMadison in order for the change to be effective for a particular pay date.

10-month faculty member (who has been hired 2nd semester)
Pay Explanation
The academic year is divided into two semesters: Fall and Spring. Fall is the 1st semester, pay period dates running 8/25 – 12/24. Spring is the 2nd semester, pay period dates running 12/25 – 4/24. If you are beginning your employment in the 2nd semester, we will need to prorate your salary to carry you through the summer months of 4/25-8/24. The following is a list of steps we use to calculate your prorated salary:

  1. Divide your annual salary in half since you are only working half of the academic year. For example, if your salary is $65,000, you will use $32,500.
  2. Next, using the annual salary calculated in step 1, divide that number by 16 which is the total number of pay periods from 12/25 – 08/24 (Spring and Summer). This will give you your adjusted semi-monthly rate. Example: $32,500/16 = $2,031.25.
  3. Take the adjusted semi-monthly rate and multiply it by 24 to get the adjusted salary that will be keyed into the system. Example: $2,031.25 x 24 = $48,750. This will be the annual salary shown in the payroll system through 8/24.
Then effective 8/25, Payroll will bring your salary back to the full 10 month amount, which in this example would be $65,000. The $65,000 would then be paid out 8/25 – 8/24 of the following year in 24 equal installments. For this example your semi-monthly gross pay would become $2,708.33 ($65,000 divided by 24). For further clarification or additional information on your 10-month salary calculation, please contact your corresponding Payroll Transaction Analyst (visit our STAFF page).

TAX INFORMATION which includes:
Pre-tax Payment of Vehicle Registration Fees
Taxable Personal Use of Employer Provided Automobiles
What to do if you do not receive your W-2 Form
Other items:
JMU Policy 4502:  Collection of all Debts by Employees to the University 
-  Related Form: Collection of Debts Owed form

Cell Phone/Internet Stipends - Section 4205 of Financial Procedures Manual

VA State Loan Program
Moving and Relocation Policy

IRS Federal W-4 Withholding Calculator