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New Bank of America Works system for cardholders

September 17, 2013:
On September 17, 2013 a memo was sent out to the Finance Forum list serve emphasizing the importance of using the Small Purchase Charge Card (SPCC) for small dollar purchases less than $5,000.  Since that time we have had questions over the usage of the SPCC.  We have Questions and Answers designed to help your department be compliant in using the SPCC. (go to FAQ For the Small Purchase Charge Card)
VISA Small Purchase Charge Card (SPCC) Use

The Virginia Department of Accounts (DOA) requires the use of the VISA Small Purchase Charge Card (SPCC) for small dollar purchases less than $5,000.  These policies are designed to increase efficiency and streamline procedures for the procurement and payment of small dollar goods and services whereby providing departmental control and ownership over their individual vendor payments and operating budgets, and thus reduce operating costs for James Madison University as well as the Commonwealth of Virginia. Additionally, JMU receives a rebate on the dollars expended through the SPCC program.
Use of the SPCC has become a point of emphasis by the Department of Accounts as well as the State Auditor’s office.  If a vendor accepts the VISA card as a method of payment, either as a “point of sale” or in eVA, departments are expected to utilize the SPCC.  The Accounts Payable Department will be monitoring the utilization of the VISA SPCC and will be contacting those departments that do not comply with this requirement. 
For those departmental employees who do not currently have a SPCC and wish to obtain one, an application can be found on this website. 
Please contact Jennifer Hart ( or x87396 )in the Accounts Payable Department with any comments or questions regarding this matter.

Finance 101 

There will not be any "no show" fees charged to department. As of September 1, 2014, updated Finance 101 Courses are available on Canvas. The Course information is posted on the Finance training web page.


EFFECTIVE NOVEMBER 15, 2014  -  Due to minimal use of the STAR (Standard Tool for Accounting Reconciliation) Microsoft Access database, the Accounting Operations & Disbursements Office has discontinued formal support of this tool. The downloads and reference documentation for the STAR tool have been removed from the Cash and Investments webpages effective November 15th.

We did not want to cause any confusion with the introduction of the university’s new planning tool, which is being referred to as the STAR Tool (Strategic Accountability and Reporting). Additional information related to the STAR planning tool is available by contacting Tina Grace in the Office of Institutional Research.

Please feel free to contact the departmental mailbox with any questions.

Finance System Unavailability

In order to complete the nightly process and have the system available for users at 6:00 am, a dedicated amount of time is needed to perform some of our processes. These are associated with performance issues related to budget checking, posting transactions, procurement module processing, system exports and back ups. After reviewing system usage of our customers, we found that the heaviest usage of the system was between 6:30 am and 6:30 pm. Therefore, the Finance System will be unavailable from 7:30pm and 10:30 pm each night in order to perform these processes. We have also adopted Sunday morning maintenance between 5am-noon. Users will have the ability to run their nVision Monthly Summary Reports, however, the monthly detail reports and GL activity reports can not be run during this time frame. To ensure the availability of the Finance System, it is recommended you check with the Information Technology Help Desk x83555 or the JMU computing alerts page located at "" if you have plans to work any given weekend or "off hours".

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