Wells Fargo Single Use Commercial Card Numbers

  Vendor E-Payment Form 
please see below for emailing instructions
Commonwealth of VA W-9 Form

Primary Benefits to Vendors for receiving single use Commercial Card payments include:

  • Enhances cash flow - Payment Terms Net 15 Days

  • Reduces operational costs – no mail or paper check processing

  • Eliminate need to store sensitive payment card information – commercial card numbers provided are valid only for a single use, no need to store

  • No need to share bank account information – required when choosing ACH

  • Promotes sustainability

When choosing Commercial Card Payments:

  • Must have a merchant number and payment card terminal to process transactions

  • Consider credit card processing limits

  • Card is funded for the total payment amount of invoice/invoices being paid

  • Consider requesting separate payments if large dollar invoices exceed processing limits

Wells Fargo ACH Payments 

Primary Benefits to Vendors for receiving ACH payments include:

  • Enhances cash flow – no mail or paper check processing

  • Saves time and money reduces labor, hassle, expense and risk associated with check processing

  • No Charge to receive an ACH payment from JMU

  • Promotes sustainability 

When choosing ACH Payments:

  • Must have a US bank account, US Address and a US federal tax id or social security number

  • Provide a Commonwealth of VA W9 form (link to the only W9 form accepted)

  • Provide your banking information in the Wells Fargo Supplier Onboarding (SAO) System

  • Company name and tax id number must match W9 and IRS records

To register for either E-Payments Option, complete the Vendor E-Payment form and submit by email to jmuvendors@jmu.edu or by fax at 540.568.3346 and a Wells Fargo Bank or James Madison University representative will contact you with additional information on completing the setup. 

Questions may be submitted to jmuepayments@jmu.edu or you may call Barbara Shepherd at 540.568.8061.

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