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Faculty and Staff


Dr. Andy Wood, Marketing Department Head and Professor of Marketing

Dr. D. Eric Boyd, Associate Professor of Marketing

Dr. Ron Cereola, Assistant Professor of Business   

Dr. Irvine Clarke III, Professor of Marketing

Dr. Theresa B. Clarke, Professor of Marketing

Dr. Joe Derby, Assistant Professor of Marketing

Dr. William T. Faranda, Associate Professor of Marketing

Ms. Joyce W. Guthrie, Associate Dean for Student Services for the College of Business, Assistant Professor of Marketing

Mr. Steve Hertzenberg, Lecturer of Marketing

Dr. W. Val Larsen, Professor of Marketing 

Mr. Robert M. McMillen, Lecturer of Marketing 

Ms. Lindsay Miller, Lecturer of Marketing

Ms. Cathy Snyder, Lecturer of Business

Dr. Mert Tokman, Associate Professor of Marketing

Dr. Eric Van Steenburg, Assistant Professor of Marketing


Mr. Chad Gensel, Career Advisor for Marketing

Ms. Denise Rudolph, Employer Relations and Recruiting Services Coordinator

Ms. Christine Shiflet, Senior Support Staff for the Marketing Program

Ms. Danielle Hallquist, Support Staff for the Marketing Program

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