Associate Professor, Marketing

Contact Info

  • Ph.D., The University of Alabama
  • M.B.A., University of Arkansas, Little Rock
  • B.B.A., University of Istanbul
Professional Interests
  • Interfirm relationships along the Value-Creation Chain – building and maintaining cooperative relationships between the focal firm and its:Suppliers, Buyers, Competitors, and Non-Profit Partners.
  • Strategic issues in international marketing channels and industrial distribution
Current Courses Taught
  • COB 300D – Integrated Functional Systems: Marketing
  • MKTG 450 – Business Marketing
  • MKTG 460 – Global Marketing (Study Abroad)
  • MKTG 490 – Special Topic: International Logistics (Study Abroad)
Awards and Recognitions
  • AMS-Retailing Track – Best Paper Award, 2010
  • JMU-College of Business, Distinguished Service Award, 2009-2010
  • JMU-College of Business, Community Service Award, 2008
  • Center for Services Leadership @ ASU – WP Carey – Honorable Mention Award, 2007
  • CSCMP Doctoral Consortium Fellow, 2006
  • AMA-Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium Fellow, 2005
  • AMA-Business-to-Business and Marketing Channels Track - Best Paper Award, 2006
  • Manderson Graduate School of Business Dissertation Research Support Award, 2006
  • U of A Dept of Management and Marketing - Excellence in Teaching Award, 2006
  • Beta Gamma Sigma Outstanding Doctoral Student Award, 2006
  • AMA-Birmingham Chapter Outstanding Graduate Student Award, 2006
  • SMA-Supply Chain Management Track - Outstanding Reviewer Award, 2005
  • SMA-Business-to-Business and Marketing Channels Track - Best Paper Award, 2004
  • Editorial Review Board Member, Industrial Marketing Management
  • Editorial Review Board Member, Journal of Marketing Channels
  • Editorial Review Board Member, Journal of Business Logistics
  • Editorial Review Board Member, Journal of Supply Chain Management
  • Editorial Review Board Member, International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management
  • Ad Hoc Reviewer, Journal of Retailing
Key Publications

Bahn, Kenneth, Mert Tokman, and Kent Granzin, “End-user contribution to logistics value co-creation: A series of exploratory studies” Submitted to Journal of Marketing Channels – Accepted in February 2014.

Tokman, Mert, R. Glenn Richey, Louis D. Marino, and Pat Dickson (2013), “SME Supply Chain Portfolios: Firm Satisfaction and Organization Resources,” International Journal of Logistics Management, 24(2): 271-300.(Recipient of Emerald Publishing Highly Commanded Paper Award)

Beitelspacher, Lauren S., Mert Tokman, R. Glenn Richey, and Frank G. Adams, “Retail Service-Based Operant Resources and Market Performance” Submitted to International Journal of Logistics Management, forthcoming (accepted in September 2012).

Tokman, Mert, R. Glenn Richey, George D. Deitz, and Frank G. Adams, (2012), “The Retailer’s Perspective on the Link between Logistical Resources and Perceived Customer Loyalty to Manufacturer Brands,” Journal of Business Logistics, 33(3): 181-195.

Tokman, Mert, R. Glenn Richey, and Haozhe Chen, (2011), “Logistics Service Orientation: An Integrated Strategy to Build Logistics Service Competency,” Journal of Transportation Management, 22(1): 27-46.

Wright, Robert E., R. Glenn Richey, Mert Tokman, and John C. Palmer, (2011), “Recycling and Reverse Logistics,” Journal of Applied Business and Economics, 12(5): 9-20.

Richey, R. Glenn, Chadwick B. Hilton Michael G. Harvey, Lauren S. Beitelspacher, Mert Tokman and Miriam Moeller, (2011) “Aligning Operating Resources for Global Performance: An Assessment of Supply Chain Human Resource Management,” Journal of Management and Organization, 17(3): 364-382.

Tokman, Mert and Lauren S. Beitelspacher, (2011) “Supply Chain Networks and Service-Dominant Logic: Suggestions for Future Research,” International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management, 41(7): 717-726.

Hansen, John, George D. Deitz, Mert Tokman, Louis D. Marino, and Pat Dickson, (2011), “Cross-National Invariance of the Entrepreneurial Orientation Scale,” Journal of Business Venturing, 26(1): 61-78.

Deitz, George D., Mert Tokman, R. Glenn Richey, Robert M. Morgan, (2010), “Joint venture stability and cooperation: Direct, indirect and contingent effects of resource complementarity and trust,” Industrial Marketing Management, 39(5): 862-873.

R. Glenn Richey, Mert Tokman, and Vivek Dalela, (2010) “Examining collaborative supply chain service technologies: a study of intensity, relationships, and resources,” Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 38(1): 71-89.

Richey, R. Glenn, Timothy Kiessling, Mert Tokman, and Vivek Dalela, (2008) “Market growth through mergers and acquisitions: The role of the relationship marketing manager in sustaining performance,” Industrial Marketing Management, 37(4): 394-406.

Richey, R. Glenn, Mert Tokman, and Lauren R. Skinner, (2008) “Exploring collaborative technology utilization in retailer–supplier performance,” Journal of Business Research, 61(8): 842-849.

Tokman, Mert, Lenita M. Davis, and Katherine N. Lemon (2007), “The WOW Factor: Creating Value through Win-back Offers to Reacquire Lost Customers,” Journal of Retailing, 83(1): 102-118. (Recipient of Competing Through Services Special Issue Honorable Mention Award)

Tokman, Mert, R. Glenn Richey, Louis D. Marino, and Mark K. Weaver (2007), “Exploration, Exploitation, and Satisfaction in Supply Chain Portfolio Strategy,” Journal of Business Logistics, 28(1): 25-56. 

TokmanMert, A. Banu Elmadag, Nimet Uray, and R. Glenn Richey (2007), “Exploring the Development of Supply Chain International Joint Ventures,” International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management, 37(6): 442-453.

Richey, R. Glenn, Mert Tokman, and Anthony S. Wheeler (2006), “A Supply Chain Manager Selection Methodology: Empirical Test and Suggested Application,” Journal of Business Logistics, 27(2): 163-190.

Wheeler Anthony S., R. Glenn Richey, Mert Tokman, and Chris J. Sablynsky (2006), “Retaining Employees for Service Competency: The Role of Corporate Brand Identity,” Journal of Brand Management, 14(1/2), 96-113.

Richey, R. Glenn, Mert Tokman, Robert E. Wright, and Michael G. Harvey, (2005), “Monitoring Reverse Logistics Programs: A Roadmap to Sustainable Development in Emerging Markets,” Multinational Business Review, 13(3): 41-65.

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