21st Birthday

Our goal is to keep students safe on their 21st Birthday by inviting them to have a chat with one of our 21st Birthday program facilitators.

Students are invited to share their plans for this milestone birthday and then empowered to think about their expectations, potential risks, and personal strategies to minimize risk. In partnership with local businesses and organizations, we are excited to offer a coupon book for participating students.

The program only takes about 10 minutes!

How do I participate?

An email invitation including all the information you need, will be sent to your JMU email two weeks prior to your 21st Birthday.

Check your inbox for an email from urec-healthpromotion@jmu.edu and come visit us at UREC!

What if I turn 21 over a break?

Prior to each break period, all JMU students turning 21 over the break will receive an email invitation from urec-healthpromotion@jmu.edu to participate in the program. These participants will have two options: 1) utilize the coupon book if you plan on spending most of the month following your birthday in Harrisonburg or 2) select another giveaway item such as a t-shirt for participating.

Community Partners

We would like to thank our Community Partners:

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