Dukes Vote is a student-led initiative, supported and facilitated by the James Madison Center for Civic Engagement at James Madison University. Dukes Vote works in partnership with academic and student affairs, and with community partners, to enhance JMU's mission of civic engagement among students by providing opportunities and programming to build capacity, knowledge, skills and values that prepare students for an active and informed role in democracy.

Voter Friendly Campus 2018 Year End Report

JMU’s institutional commitment and choice to prioritize and invest in civic learning and democratic engagement is paying off. At the heart of our work is building inclusive coalitions and collaborative partnerships to embed civic learning and democratic engagement across campus through curricular and co-curricular programming. A shared mission of EDUCATING and engaging voters, and the collaborative work to achieve JMU's vision certainly contributed to increased turnout rates in the 2018 election. Perhaps more importantly, JMU’s voter education and engagement work has also built momentum for our year-round civic learning and democratic engagement efforts. Read our full 2018 Voter Friendly Campus End-of-Year report.


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