UWC Digital Communication Consulting has moved to the University Writing Center, but the great resources created by DigiComm consultants are still available.

Digital Storytelling: We think of digital storytelling as weaving a range of information into your text to bring your story to life: displaying data, creating graphics, showing image galleries, and creating interactive elements to allow your readers to explore and experience your story more deeply.

So whether it's adapting your research paper to a general audience, creating a multimodal essay, or telling the story of your latest adventure, here are our favorite free tools to bring your message to life and publicly share it

e-Portfolios: An online portfolio is like a treasure trove for potential employers! Your resume, work samples, relevant work and extracurricular experience all in one place? Score! To pick the right web builder for your portfolio, you need to consider three main things:

  1. What sort of content you want to display: graphic, written, video, etc.
  2. How much time you have to work on it
  3. How much customizability you desire (and customizability is a double-edged sword!)

Our resources will help you decide which web builder is right for you and give you the information you need to jump right in!

Personal Branding: An online portfolio gives you the ability to showcase your range of skills, talents, and work samples. However, in order to tie all these pieces together, you'll need to make an added effort to develop consistency among all of the work and information you share on your portfolio.

This includes selecting a couple of fonts, colors, and even creating a logo to tie all of your professional content together, such as your résumé, cover letter, business card, work samples, portfolio, and LinkedIn profile. Creating a personal brand that effectively communicates who you are and your professional skill set can make a lasting impression on future employers.

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