COVID Changes to Production

Will it be necessary to take any special precautions when attending events at the Forbes Center?
The Forbes Center Masterpiece Theatre season will return to in-person performances on September 10, 2021. Ticketed seats will be assigned in accordance with the latest COVID guidance. Masks are required for audiences while indoors on owned or leased university property.

Can student performers and external guest performers play/perform without a mask
Performers must wear a mask when in indoor spaces on owned or leased university property but may remove their masks while performing.

Design & Perform in Forbes Center for the Performing Arts!

JMU offers a dedicated undergraduate program featuring a robust performance season with student opportunities at all levels of design and technology. Opportunities are available to student designers, technicians, and stage managers at all levels of our productions.

Students also have incredible performance opportunities throughout the year, both in Mainstage productions, student-led Studio productions, informal and devised projects, and through our Director's Festival. The School annually produces 5 Mainstage theatrical/Musical productions, 3 Mainstage dance concerts, 6-8 student-produced Studio Theatre productions, and 5 student dance concerts in the Earlynn J. Miller Dance Theatre. 

You can do it all here!

Dance, act, sing, improvise, devise, direct, dramaturg, design, crew, stage manage, create your own work...the School of Theatre and Dance believes that you can do some or all of these things. Your path forward is yours to create. The opportunity to do so are abundant here at JMU!

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