Virtual Auditions

A supplementary application is required for admission to the Theatre Major in the School of Theatre and Dance.  Students must apply to both JMU and the School of Theatre and Dance separately and should register for a virtual audition.  We will also be holding live Theatre auditions, portfolio reviews, and interviews on these days via Zoom. Students who have auditioned for JMU at the Virginia Theatre Association Conference are still required to apply and audition in the same way as any other applicants. Please see our Gateway Requirements to prepare your Theatre Major application and audition materials.

What to Expect

So, what is the goal of our gateway process? Demonstrated ability within a particular area of theatre such as acting, design, or playwriting is wonderful, but we are just as interested in getting to know you as a person.

Should you choose to participate in the virtual audition component, you will begin by sharing material, such as auditioning with a monologue, presenting a visual portfolio, or discussing writing samples over Zoom.  Next, you will continue with a short interview.  Be prepared to discuss your experience in theatre and the arts.  For us, your interview is just as important as what you present. We are seeking applicants with a variety of skills and interests both in and outside of the arts.  Of course, we also know that prospective students have had varying access to theatrical training and opportunities. So, don’t worry, we are looking for potential, not perfection.

Prospective Students may apply for BOTH the Theatre and Musical Theatre majors. Students who wish to be considered for both majors must register for each audition separately. You are encouraged to attend the virtual audition for both on the same day, and early registration is suggested in order to make sure that slots are available for both majors on your desired virtual audition date. You should prepare the requirements for both the Theatre major and the Musical Theatre major if auditioning for both programs.


Click here to review the Gateway Requirements!

Audition Information
  1. Submit your Undergraduate Admissions Application via the JMU Admissions Office.

2. Register for a virtual audition day.

3. Submit your School of Theatre and Dance Application on Slideroom prior to your virtual audition.

The following is a general guide to scholarship programs specific to JMU Theatre and Dance.  Prospective students who audition for the JMU Theatre, Musical Theatre, and Dance concentrations are offered scholarships in the Spring.  Continuing students make application early in the spring semester for the following academic year.

For information on more general financial aid and scholarship information, try the following two resources:

For Incoming First-Year Applicants

 Criteria for determining scholarship recipients include the following:

  1. Talent and Ability, based on virtual audition, portfolio review, submitted materials and interview
  2. Academic promise, based on high-school transcript, GPA (minimum equivalent of 3.0 in a 4-point scale), and standardized test scores
  3. Application Essay (A program-admission essay also serves scholarship application purposes.)
  4. Letter of recommendation (A program-admission recommendation also serves scholarship application purposes.)


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