Students who are selected as Noyce Scholars will be awarded $14,000 per year. This amount will cover full tuition for two semesters per year, plus partial textbooks and fees, based on current year average costs of attendance. Scholars are eligible for up to 2 years of support ($14,000/yr) to cover tuition, fees, and other expenses.


Noyce Scholarships are awarded to students interested in becoming secondary science or mathematics teachers. Currently, students must complete a content major in their area of licensure (biology, chemistry, earth science, mathematics, physics) and the SEED minor. They will also need to complete the graduate MAT program. Students accepted to participate in the program will be supported through scholarships while working to become science or mathematics teachers in secondary schools.

These are the expectations for Noyce Scholars:

  1. Applicants must show an interest in teaching through participation in formal and informal STEM education activities.
  2. Applicants must be enrolled in and make satisfactory and timely progress through the secondary science or mathematics education program. This includes completing required coursework on schedule, completing all required assessments, and meeting all stated expectations and deadlines as part of the undergraduate SEED minor and 5th year MAT program.
  3. Applicants must participate in meetings and events that are part of the program. These will include cohort-building activities and activities that contribute to preparing for teaching and developing a science or mathematics teacher identity.
  4. To be eligible for a JMU Noyce Scholarship, applicants must have a GPA of 2.7 or better and maintain that GPA as they progress through the program.
  5. Those who are awarded Noyce Scholarships must teach in a high-needs school district for two years for every year of scholarship funding received.
  6. Noyce Scholars are expected to participate in mentoring, induction activities, and other support during their first two years of teaching.

For more information, send an email to Please be sure to identify your major so we can put you in touch with the SEED advisor for your major.

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