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Our first JMU Noye cohort started in Fall of 2019. Our Noyce community is now made up of 28 Scholars and 10 faculty. Our Scholars span undergraduate juniors to 2nd-year teachers and represent Mathematics, Physics, Biology, and Geology & Environmental Science. Our Noyce teachers can be found in high-needs schools all throughout the Commonwealth. The support that they have for one another and the dedication they have to both their students and to being life-long learners is exceptional. Needless to say, JMU is proud!

Noyce Scholar Alumni

G. Castillo, Mathematics, 2021, Potomac Senior High School, Prince William Co., VA

E. Keener, Mathematics, 2020, James Wood High School, Frederick Co., VA

A. Lehman, Earth Science, 2021, Stewart Middle School, Augusta Co., VA

K. Reibsome, Earth Science, 2021, Skyline Middle School, Harrisonburg City, VA

A. Sall, Mathematics, 2020, Fulbright Scholar, Taiwan

A. Shafer, Biology, 2020, Henrico High School, Henrico Co., VA

N. Slater, Biology, 2021, Robinson Secondary School, Fairfax Co., VA

P. Smith, Physics, 2021, Salem Church Middle School, Chesterfield Co., VA

M. Tippett, Mathematics, 2021, Stuarts Draft High School, Augusta Co., VA

L. Weisflog, Mathematics, 2021, Bailey Bridge Middle School, Chesterfield Co., VA

Current Noyce Scholars

K. Ashcraft, Mathematics, 2022

M. Burke, Earth Science, 2022

E. Cawley, Biology, 2022

J. Clabough, Physics, 2023

E. Clark, Biology, 2022

I. Cobb, Biology, 2024

C. Eaton, Physics, 2023

T. Fiscus, Mathematics, 2022

K. Gerber, Mathematics, 2023

A. Heinlein, Mathematics, 2022

E. Knaus, Mathematics, 2023

C. Knoblach, Mathematics, 2023

E. Kohler, Physics, 2022

N. Rudzik, Mathematics, 2022

K. Smith, Biology, 2023

Z. Spencer, Biology, 2022

D. Vallies, 2023

K. Venable, Earth Science, 2022

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