JMU Summer Session Courses and Incoming First-Year Students

This page is dedicated to our incoming class of first-year students interested in starting their JMU academic career beginning this Summer.  Instructions on this page are specifically geared to these students.  Current JMU students enroll using the fall/spring process.  Non-JMU degree seeking student information is on the Non-JMU Students Only tab in the navigation on the left.


bulldogReminder about FALL Enrollment:

Even if you enroll in summer courses, you need to complete the One Book steps at, make an Orientation Reservation, and declare your major in order to receive an enrollment appointment to enroll in Fall 2023 courses.

Welcome to JMU! We are excited that you are interested in starting your JMU academic career early. Below is information regarding the steps you need to take to enroll in our online summer session courses.


Enrolling in summer session courses:

To enroll in a summer session course, you must first do the following:

  • Send an email to The Office of the Registrar at  with “REQUEST to Change Admit Term” in the subject line.
  • In the body of the email, The Student should specifically request to change the term of enrollment from Fall to Summer of the upcoming term.
  • This email request MUST come from The Students email account.

Once the admit term is updated, you will have access to enroll for summer.  View the tutorials below to learn how to add, drop, and search for classes, and use the waitlist.

Add a class - Make sure you change the Term field to Summer 2023
Drop a class
List of all tutorials


Recommendations for summer courses:

Since many of you are in the final weeks of completing high school requirements, we recommend you look for classes in the 2nd 6-week session, where classes begin toward the end of June and run through early August. We offer other summer session terms as listed on the main Summer Session page, but we recommend a 6-week and longer course duration. Search the JMU Undergraduate Catalog,  

Subject/Catalog Course Title Credits Fulfills the GenEd requirement listed below. Do  NOT enroll in multiple courses from the same colored area)
WRTC 103 Rhetorical Reading and Writing 3 Madison Foundations – Writing requirement
BUS 160 Business Decision Making in Modern Society 3 Madison Foundations- Critical Thinking requirement
ARTH 205 Survey of World Art: Prehistoric to Renaissance 3 Arts and Humanities – Virtual & Performing Arts
ARTH 206 Survey of World Art: Renaissance to Modern 3 Arts and Humanities – Virtual & Performing Arts
MUS 200 Music in General Culture 3 Arts and Humanities – Visual and Performing Arts
PSYC 101 General Psychology 3 Socialcultural & Wellness Area


Tutorials: Searching/Adding/Waitlists:

Search and Add a class - Make sure you change the Term field to Summer 2023
Drop a class

Waitlist instructions
List of all tutorials


Paying for a Summer Session Course:

Payment for summer courses is made through the University Business Office's Madison Money Manager system.  Click here for a link to the Madison Money Manager process


Advising Questions about Summer Session: 

Q. May I speak with an advisor about my summer course selections?
A. Yes,Yes, Our University Advising main office advisors are happy to help. Contact them at .

Q. When can I sign up for a summer course?
A. As soon an you contact the Registrar’s Office and your admit term is changed to summer.  See the steps listed above.

Q. What courses should I take for summer session?
A.It depends.  Your first-year advisor will help you to decide which courses are ideal to take based on your major, college credit (dual enrollment, AP, etc) you have earned, and options from which to choose. Need help before your first-year advisor reaches out? Email 

Financial Aid for Summer Session:

  • If you plan to use financial aid for the summer session, you must submit the 2023-24 FAFSA at and complete the JMU summer aid application.
  • If a student receives a Federal Direct Subsidized or Unsubsidized Loan in summer, it will reduce your eligibility for these loans in the following fall/spring terms.
  • If a student receives Pell or Federal Direct PLUS Loan in summer, it will not reduce their fall/spring eligibility for aid from these programs.
  • JMU freshmen scholarships, state grants, and institutional grants are not applicable to summer courses. 
  • Questions?  Review the JMU Summer Financial Aid video and additional information on the Financial Aid Office website.


Contact us at if you have questions.



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