Welcome to the James Madison University summer session information entry point. This web site serves as easy access to summer session information for currently enrolled JMU students and non-degree seeking students interested in taking courses at JMU during the summer.

The summer session offerings at JMU make it easy for you to plan ahead. Many of JMU's most popular and high demand courses are offered during the summer session. Understand, however, summer sessions cover the same amount of material as a fifteen-week term during the academic year. Be prepared for an intensive and comprehensive classroom experience. Current JMU students enroll in summer courses as per their registration appointment.

JMU Students are assigned enrollment appointments beginning March 27th.

Summer-only students may begin enrolling May 8th at 12:01 am if  the application process has been completed.

2023 Summer Session Dates
  • May 15, Monday: First day of one-week summer session
  • May 19, Friday:Final Exam for one-week one session
  • May 22, Monday:First day of twelve-week, ten-week, eight-week, six-week(one), four-week(one) and two-week(one) sessions.
  • May 29, Monday:Memorial Day - No classes
  • June 2, Friday:Final exam for two-week(one) session
  • June 5, Monday:First day of two-week(two) session
  • June 16, Friday:Final exam for four-week(one) and two-week(two) session
  • June 19: Monday: Juneteenth - No classes
  • June 20, Tuesday:First day of eight-week(two) and four-week(two) session
  • June 30, Friday:Final exam for six-week(one) session
  • July 3, Monday:First day of six-week(two) session.
  • July 4, Tuesday:Fourth of July - No classes
  • July 12, Wednesday: Comprehensive Assessment Results & Scholarly Document Submissions Due for Aug. 2023 Graduation Candidates to The Graduate School
  • July 14, Friday:Final exam for eight-week(one)and four-week(two)
  • July 28, Friday:Final exam for ten-week session
  • August 11, Friday:Deadline for completion of course work for summer graduates
  • August 11, Friday:Final exam for six-week(two), eight-week(two) and twelve-week session.
  • August 14, Monday:First day of CLN session.
  • August 22, Tuesday:Last day of CLN summer session and CLN final exam

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