The School of Media Arts and Design prepares students to serve as creative, reflective, and highly skilled media producers and storytellers, sensitive to the personal and social impact of the messages they create and to the important role media can play in advancing the public interest.


To be a national leader in media education, providing innovative programs that embrace and integrate traditional media concepts, values, and skills with new and evolving technologies.

We Value

  • Inquiry-based learning, both independent and collaborative, that emphasizes the creative process and is distinctly innovative, challenging, cooperative, and collegial.
  • Historical, legal, and ethical literacy and critical thinking skills that enable students to reach thoughtful and principled decisions throughout their careers.
  • Diverse communities and global perspectives acquired through study and experience.
  • Strong co-curricular, extracurricular, and internship activities that enrich education and enhance an understanding of the role of media in society.
SMAD's Identity

As a member of James Madison University, SMAD has created an academic unit logo with brand identity resources to help promote awareness of our initiatives. 

Logo System

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