Assistant Professor, IA

Contact Info

  • Ph.D., Strategy and International Business, University of Pittsburgh, 2004
  • M.S., China Aero-Information Center, 1994
  • Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 1991
  • Assistant Professor at Lehigh University 2004 to 2009
  • Deputy Chief Editor, Industry Analyst, China Aero Information Center 1994 to 1996
Scholarly Interests/Research Topics

As a professor at James Madison University, I am interested in teaching students to develop critical and creative thinking abilities. As a researcher in Strategy and Competitive Intelligence, I am involved in teaching students how to solve challenging problems and helping organizations make better strategic decisions.

Dr. Tao served on the editorial board of JCIM (Journal of Competitive Intelligence and Management) from 2003 to 2009. His research on alliance portfolio and competitive intelligence has been published in Strategic Management Journal and Competitive Intelligence Review. He was one of the pioneers in introducing the concept of Competitive Intelligence into China at mid 1990s. His groundbreaking work on a survey of competitive intelligence practices (in China) has been cited by many CI researchers. He is also a founding member of SCIC (society of competitive intelligence of China).  He has spoken at the Wharton School, Dartmouth, University of Tokyo, University of Michigan, AutoUni—VW  and testified as an expert before the congressional US. -China Economic and Security Review Commission on China’s auto industry.

Current Courses Taught
  • COB 487—Strategic Management
  • IA 480—Advanced Topics in Competitive Intelligence
  • IA 405—Ethic Law and Intelligence Analysis 
Key Publications

Qingjiu Tao, Joy Jiang. 2014. Pace of Expansion and FDI Performance: The Case of Auto FDIs in China. In Press. American Journal of Industrial and Business Management

Qingjiu Tao, Joy Jiang and Mike Santoro. 2014. Expand or retrench? Alliance portfolio adaptation to environmental jolts. In Press. International Journal of Business Environment.

Qingjiu Tao. 2013. Competitive Intelligence and Due Diligence—the case of Muddy Water Research. The development of Competitive Intelligence -- Case Analysis. Edited by Professor Xinzhou Xie. Peking University Press.

Qingjiu Tao. 2011. On evaluating and effectively using competitive intelligence software. On “Progress in Competitive Intelligence Research and Practices (2011)”, Edited by Professor Xinzhou Xie. Beijing: Peking University Press.

Tao, Q., Prescott, J. E., Tsu, S. (2011) Smarter Mover Advantage: A Longitudinal Analysis of International Joint Ventures in China's Auto Market,. Strategic Alliances in a Globalizing World. Edited by T.K. Das. Information age publishing.

Qingjiu Tao. 2010. Competitive Intelligence and Outward Foreign Direct Investment. On “Progress in Competitive Intelligence Research and Practices (2010)”, Edited by Professor Xinzhou Xie. Beijing: Peking University Press.

Qingjiu Tao. (2010). All roads led to Beijing—the developing Chinese Auto Industry. In Mike Peng (Ed.) Global Strategy, third edition.

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Qingjiu Tao, (2008). Competing in China’s Auto Market. In Mike Peng (Ed.) Global Business. Forthcoming in Spring 2008.

Qingjiu Tao, (2005). Race to the Great Wall—Multinational Corporations in China’s Passenger Car Market. In Mike Peng (Ed.) Global Strategy. Thomson-Southwestern. 165-170.

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Qingjiu Tao, (1994). U.S. Aerospace Industry in Transition. International Aviation, Vol. 11, 27-30; Vol. 12, 14-17 

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