Bob Kolvoord


Dean, College of Integrated Science and Engineering (CISE); Professor, ISAT, GS, IA
Contact Info

  • Ph.D. in Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, Cornell University (1990)
  • M.S. in Materials Science, University of Virginia (1985)
  • B.A. in Physics, University of Virginia (1983)
Scholarly Interests/Research Topics
  • Geospatial Tools
  • Applications to K-12 Education
  • Curriculum Development
  • Professional Development for K-16 Teachers
  • Evolution of students' spatial thinking skills
  • Applications of GIS
  • Data Visualization
  • Recruitment and Retention in STEM Education
  • Simulation and Modeling
  • Co-founder and Associate Director, Center for Image Processing in Education
  • Co-founder, Science Approach
  • Keranen, K. and R. A. Kolvoord (2008).  Making Spatial Decisions Using GIS. ESRI Press, Redlands, CA.
  • Keranen, K. and R. A. Kolvoord (2011). Making Spatial Decisions With GIS, 2nd Edition. ESRI Press, Redlands, CA.
  • Keranen, K. and R. A. Kolvoord (2013). Making Spatial Decisions Using Remote Sensing. ESRI Press, Redlands, CA. (In press)
  • Kolvoord, R., M. Charles and S. Purcell (2013).  What Happens After the Professional Development: Case Studies on Implementing GIS in the Classroom.  Chapter in Learning Science Through the Innovative Use of Geospatial Technologies Designing Effective Learning Tools and Programs for K-16 Settings.  Barnett, Michael; MaKinster, James; Trautmann, Nancy (Eds.).  Springer-Verlag.  In press.
  • Kolvoord, R.A. and D. Edelson, editors (2012).  MyWorld GIS Curriculum Collection.  National Geographic Society.  Washington, DC.

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