School of Integrated Sciences
Linda Thomas

Linda Thomas, Ph.D.

Professor, Director SIS

Karim Altaii

Karim Altaii, P.E.,Ph.D.

Professor, ISAT; Director, Advanced Thermal-Fluids Laboratory

Chris Bachmann

Chris Bachmann, Ph.D.

Professor, ISAT; Director, Alternative Fuel Vehicle Lab

Mace Bentley

Mace Bentley, Ph.D.

Professor, GS; Fulbright Scholar; Program Director, GS

Morgan Benton

Morgan Benton, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, ISAT

Tom Benzing

Thomas Benzing, Ph.D.

Professor, ISAT, GS; Advisor, Madison Flyfishers

Amanda Biesecker

Amanda Biesecker, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, ISAT; Program Director, ISAT

Dudley Bonsal

Dudley Bonsal, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor & Curriculum Coordinator, GS

Zack Bortolot

Zachary Bortolot, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, GS; Student Affairs Coordinator, GS

Robert Brent

Robert Brent, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, ISAT

Christy-Joy Brodrick-Hartman

Christie-Joy Brodrick Hartman, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, ISAT; Executive Director, Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability

Tony Chen

Tony Chen, Ph.D.

Professor, ISAT

Jennifer Coffman

Jennifer Coffman, Ph.D.

Professor, ISAT, GS; Associate Executive Director, Center for Global Engagement

Shannon Conley-Phillips

Shannon Conley, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, ISAT

Samy El-Tawab

Samy El-Tawab, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, ISAT

Steve Frysinger

Steven Frysinger, Ph.D.

Professor, ISAT; Coordinator, Environmental Management Program and Environmental Information Systems Program; Director, Collaboration for Environment, Health and Safety

Amy Goodall

Amy Goodall, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, GS

Paul Henriksen

Paul Henriksen, M.A., M.S.

Student Coordinator, ISAT

Mary Tacy

Mary Kimsey, Ph.D.

Professor, GS Coordinator; Minor in Humanitarian Affairs International Partnership for La Gonave

Cindy Klevickis

Cindy Klevickis, Ph.D.

Professor, ISAT

Bob Kolvoord

Bob Kolvoord, Ph.D.

Dean, College of Integrated Science and Engineering (CISE); Professor, ISAT, GS, IA

Rod H. MacDonald

Rod MacDonald, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, ISAT

Stephen Marrin

Stephen Marrin, Ph.D.

Program Director & Associate Professor, IA

David McGraw

David McGraw, J.D.

Professor, ISAT, IA; Assistant Director, SIS

Bob McKown

Robert McKown, Ph.D.

Professor, ISAT; Director, Biomanufacturing Laboratory

John Miles

Jonathan Miles, Ph.D.

Professor, ISAT; Director Virginia Center for Wind Energy at JMU

Kathleen Moore

Kathleen Moore, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, IA

Galen Murton

Galen Murton, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, GS

Carole Nash

Carole Nash, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, GS, ISAT; Director, Shenandoah National Park Environmental Archaeology Program

Maria Papadakis

Maria Papadakis, Ph.D.

Professor, GS, ISAT; Program Director, Malta Masters Program

Ron Raab

Ron Raab, Ph.D.

Professor, ISAT, IA

Nicole Radziwill

Nicole Radziwill, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, ISAT

Paul Rittenhouse

Paul Rittenhouse

Instructor, GS; Geospatial Projects Coordinator

Kimberly Robinson

Kimberly Robinson, M.Ed

Academic Advisor, GS and IA

Emil Salib

Emil Salib, Ph.D.

Professor, ISAT

Ahmad Salman

Ahmad Salman, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, ISAT

Rebecca Simmons

Rebecca Simmons, M.B.A.

Assistant Professor, ISAT

Jonathan Spindel

Jonathan Spindel, Ph.D.

Thomas L. Oliver, Professor, ISAT

Stephanie Stockwell

Stephanie Stockwell, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, ISAT

Jared Stoltzfus

Jared Stoltzfus, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, ISAT

Jeff Tang

Jeffrey Tang, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, IA, ISAT; Associate Dean, CISE

Tom Tao

Qingjiu (Tom) Tao, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, IA

Tony Teate

Anthony Teate, Ph.D.

Professor, IA, ISAT; Faculty Advisor, IEEE Computer Society

Wayne Teel

Wayne Teel, Ph.D.

Professor, GS, ISAT

Louise Temple

Louise Temple, Ph.D.

Professor, ISAT

Timothy Walton

Timothy Walton, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, IA

Henry Way

Henry Way, Ph.D.

Associate Director, SIS; Associate Professor, GS

Xuebin Wei

Xuebin Wei, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, GS and IA

Chia-Hsuan Yang

Chia-Hsuan Yang, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, ISAT

Emily York

Emily York, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, ISAT

Kayla Yurco

Kayla Yurco, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, GS

Hao Zhang

Hao Zhang, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, ISAT

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