Welcome to the Safe Zone registration site! We're delighted to have you here. Folks interested in joining Safe Zone and obtaining a sticker must complete one of our trainings. Check out our member list, linked at the left! You will be in good company.

Online Membership Workshops

We offer a self-guided, asynchronous, training program that operates continuously through Canvas. New members who complete the program will receive a sticker via campus mail at the end of the semester in which they complete the program. Current members are also invited to participate in order to update their skills. To register, please fill out the form linked below. When you submit the registration form, a link to the Canvas course will appear. Please make sure you click that link and join the Canvas course before closing the page, as the access link will, then, disappear. There is no email reminder.

Register for Membership Training Here.

The Spring 2023 training cohort has until midnight November 30th to complete the course. At that time, Safe Zone will process new members, send out stickers, and begin enrollment for a new cohort. Most people take two to four hours to complete the course.

Safe Zone Open Education

This link is for class instruction or professional development in JMU departments and offices. 

The workshop is identical to our New Member Training, but does not lead to a contract, membership, or website listing. Simply share the link below and ask your students or colleagues to follow the directions. If you need confirmation of succesful completion, ask students to print their grades screen to a PDF and send it to you through a Canvas assignment or email message.

Remember, Safe Zone membership is, and must be, voluntary.
Please use this course, rather than the New Member Training, for any form of required education. 



Please be gentle with us. There are thousands of you and only a few of us. We are not an office of the university; we have no staff and no budget. We are just a few volunteers from around the university who are already fully employed and over-committed in our day jobs. We are also heavily dependent on (and grateful for) help from JMU's SOGIE Program. (Round of applause for SOGIE and our panelists!) 

Direct workshop questions to:

Bethany Bryson
Sociology and Anthropology
Sheldon 205 - MSC 7501 
E-mail:  brysonbp@jmu.edu

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