• Inclusive Introduction Questionnaires: Resources for collecting information about names, pronouns, pronunciations, and anything else important. There's a Word version and a Canvas version, the latter of which can be used to create a spreadsheet (a better roster) that connects information from the records system to the questionnaire data. 

• Trans Student Educational Resources: Great infographics that are aways up-to-date. These reflect current research and theory. they are terrific for classes and self-education.

• Safe Zone Workshop Packet: A variety of resources we use in workshops. We also use a PowerPoint presentation. (See the next link.)

 Safe Zone Workshop Presentation. You might be looking for that video or to revisit some definitions and examples of homophobia, transphobia, microaggressions, etc.

• What is Transphobia?

• What is an Ally?  Step One from HRC.

• Allies vs. Advocates: Let's do both!

• LGBT Timeline: From CNN.

• More Self-educationA great list of links to great places for learning more about a variety of LGBTQ+ topics.

JMU Restrooms, Dorms, and Names are addressed under "JMU Area Resources." 

• Policy Guidance: Best practices for supporting LGBTQ+ students on college campuses including (application) forms.

• Title IX Guidance: "Dear Colleague Letter" on transgender student rights and the responsibilities of educational institutions under Title IX.

• JMU EEO Policy #1302: Includes gender identity, sexual orientation, and genetic information (among others).

• JMU Discrimination and Harassment Policy #1324: Includes gender identity, sexual orientation, and genetic information (among others).

• LGBTQ+ Equality I:  Advocating for LGBTQ+ equality in the workplace.

• LGBTQ+ Equality II: The national LGBTQ+ Equality Act.

• LGBTQ+ Equality III: The case against equality.

• LGBTQ+ Equality IIIb: An example, in practice.

• LGBTQ+ Equality IV: Equality vs. Equity.

• LGBTQ+ Equality V: Against Equality - The Blog.

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