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Volume 5, Issue 4


  • Softball student-athlete helps feed children and families in Page County
  • Faculty, students, and the JMU X-Labs joined business and community leaders to launch an online marketplace for the Harrisonburg Farmers Market
  • A co-founder of Pale Fire Brewing, Tim Brady ('06), organized a pop-up food pantry – Pale Fire Helps – in their downtown Harrisonburg tap room for local service industry workers impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Congratulations to the more than 4,500 May 2020 JMU graduates!

Highlights from this issue:

  • Faculty Grant Awards
  • Biology Lends Expertise and Equipment to COVID-19 Response
  • JMU Center Produces State Department Annual Report
  • Professor Publishes Book on Landmines in the Civil War
  • Food Drive Generates 8,700 Meals
  • JMU Shows Up at Decision Science Conference
  • Education Faculty Develop Virtual Book Club for Third Grade Students
  • Music Q&A on Inspiration During Challenging Times and Inclusive Music Engagement in the Community
  • Showker Shoutouts from the College of Business
  • Occupational Therapy Clinic Creates "OT-to-Go" Kits for Children
  • JMU Industry Partner Hosts RF Workshop for Faculty
  • Engineering Students Use Drone Technology to Assess Vineyard Health

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