Our college initiative is conducted through an established partnership between the Office of Research and Scholarship and each JMU College. A customized format for the College Initiative may entail a series a workhshops through out a semeter or half/full day seminar on the external funding landscape and related resources and support services at JMU.

This initiative is designed to offer programming that is customized to the college's faculty and disciplinary needs. Furthermore participants of the college initiative will be invited to attend a 6-10 week External Funding Institute to receive direct support in puruing a viable external grant opporutnity and submitting a proposal.

Faculty participants will.....
  • increase awareness of the external funding landscape
  • increase awareness of resources available at JMU
  • establish individual faculty interest in external funding
  • establish faculty participants in an external funding institute

College Deans and/or Academic Unit Heads interested in scheduling a college initiative, please email researchdevelopment@jmu.edu.

A menu of programming can be found here.

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