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Nomination Guidelines and Procedures

Nominations must be submitted electronically (see login information below) and are accepted throughout the calendar year.

Nominations may be made by any employee; however, self-nominations are not acceptable.

It is the nominator’s responsibility to fill in the online nomination and to upload all of the required items. These items can be uploaded as one document or as multiple documents.

Purple Star Award Nomination Requirements

Required items:

A statement of 800 words or less, from the nominator describing the reason for the nomination. The statement should clearly identify the most compelling reason for making the nomination and include specific examples that illustrate the employee’s outstanding efforts and achievements rather than general complimentary statements. 

Nominations should also provide specific details such as:

  • The period of time during which the contributions occurred.
  • How the employee’s work or actions brought positive attention to the university.
  • How the employee’s work may have impacted the functioning or infrastructure of the university.
  • Extent to which the employee has used an inventive, creative, or problem solving approach to his/her responsibilities.
  • How the employee’s performance has enhanced the work of others.


Login Procedures for Nominator

To login to the nomination form, employees will be directed to enter their JMU e-ID and password.  Once you have successfully entered the nomination site, you will be asked to complete the submission fields to complete the nomination process.

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