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The Task Force on Artificial Intelligence (AI) at JMU has begun its work in understanding the uses and implications of AI within higher education and more broadly in society. The four areas of exploration are:

  • Authorship and the production of new knowledge;
  • AI and the student experience;
  • New contexts and meanings; and
  • Administrative applications of AI.
Expected Outcomes of the Task Force
  1. Develop guidance to JMU on the use of AI by faculty and students for teaching, learning and research. 

  2. Explore opportunities to integrate AI in core administrative functions

  3. Prepare students to use AI as they enter the workforce.

  4. Ensure that JMU develop AI-related policies that are just and equitable to all stakeholders

The AI Task Force has published its first report and we are now moving to the next phase of creating implementation steps. If you are not yet involved in the Task Force and would like to participate in the next phase, please respond to the QuestionPro below:

Task Force on AI Next Steps

If you are already part of the Task Force, feel free to share this link with anyone you think would contribute to these next steps. Thank you for your participation!

AI Task Force Leadership

Dirron Allen (Student Affairs)

Robin Bryan (Administration and Finance)

John Huffman (Student Affairs)

Debbie Jordan (Advancement)

David Kirkpatrick (President’s Office)

Bob Kolvoord (Academic Affairs)

Peter Montwill (President’s Office)

Hala Nelson (Academic Affairs)

Bethany Nowviskie (Academic Affairs)

Members of the AI Task Force
Authorship and New Knowledge

Stephen Aderton – University Marketing and Group 1 lead  

Rodolfo Barrett – Learning Resource Centers and Group 1 lead  

Andreas Broscheid – Center for Faculty Innovation and Group 1 lead  

Kevin Hegg – JMU Libraries and Group 1 lead  

Bob Kolvoord – College of Integrated Science and Engineering and Group 1 lead  

Juhong Christie Liu – JMU Libraries and Group 1 lead  

Mohammad Ala Uddin – College of Arts and Letters 

Chelsey Bahlmann Bollinger – College of Education 

Samantha Holly Becerra Reed – Audit and Management Services 

Scott E Beckler – College of Health and Behavioral Studies 

Howard Carrier – JMU Libraries 

Kevin Hardwick – College of Arts and Letters 

Weiming Hu – College of Integrated Science and Engineering 

Manal Ahmad Jamal – College of Arts and Letters 

Masoud Kaveh Baghbadorani – College of Science and Mathematics 

Raihan Khan – College of Health and Behavioral Studies 

Robyn Kondrad – College of Health and Behavioral Studies 

Valerie Linsinbigler – JMU Libraries 

Brennan Maupin – Office of Disability Services 

Kevin Molloy – College of Integrated Sciences 

Gracie Michelle Wingfield – Student Affairs 

Administrative Applications

Robin Bryan – Information Technology and Group 4 lead  

Debbie Jordan – Advancement and Group 4 lead  

Hala Nelson – College of Science and Mathematics and Group 4 lead  

Jennifer Campfield – Provost’s Office  

Jojo Griffith – Talent Development  

Lindsey Harvell-Bowman – College of Arts and Letters  

Becky Holmes – Audit and Management Review  

Teddy Levin – Engagement Fellow  

Kathy Lubkowski – College of Integrated Science and Engineering   

Paul Mabrey – Student Access and Enrollment Management 

Christina Myers – Academic Resources  

Layne Rexrode – University Events  

Claire Rooney – Advancement  

Matt Underwood – JMU Libraries  

Luther Vucic – Advancement  

Greg Hackbarth – Information Technology 

The Student Experience

Dirron Allen – Student Affairs and Group 2 lead  

John Huffman – Student Affairs and Group 2 lead  

Anthony Miles – JMU Libraries and Group 2 lead  

Andrea Adams – JMU Libraries 

Sarah Brooks – College of Visual and Performing Arts 

Jim Bywater – College of Education   

Jack Garmer – College of Science and Mathematics   

Kevin Hardwick – College of Arts and Letters 

Yang Liu – The Learning Center and College of Health and Behavior Sciences  

Marquis McGee – Academic Advising  

Shaun Mooney – First Gen Student Success  

Ren Oliver – Talent Development and Human Resources 

Carolyn Schubert – JMU Libraries 

Sam Squyars – University Career Center 

JT Todd – Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Expression  

Taeho (Nathaniel) Yu – JMU Libraries (joining soon)   

Raafat Zaini – College of Integrated Science and Engineering  

JY Zhou – Center for Global Engagement 

New Contexts and Meaning

Sarah Cheverton – University Studies and Group 3 lead

Daniel George – JMU Counseling Center and Group 3 lead  

Bethany Nowviskie – JMU Libraries and Group 3 lead  

Afzal Upal – College of Integrated Science and Engineering and Group 3 lead  

Laura Atkins – College of Business   

Randal Budnikas – University Marketing   

Marijn de Waal – College of Visual and Performing Arts  

Michele Estes – College of Education  

Thomas Finnegan – College of Science and Math   

Philip Frana – University Studies   

Angela Hayslett – College of Business   

Michael Klein – University Studies   

Sarah MacDonald – School of Continuing and Professional Studies    

Sombo Muzata – College of Arts and Letters   

Maryam Sharifian – College of Education   

Rhonda Syler – College of Business   

Catherine Zeman – College of Health and Behavioral Studies  

Anthony Teate – College of Integrated Science and Engineering  

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