Front row left to right:  Elizabeth Oldmixon, Andy Perrine, Jack Knight, Narketta Sparkman-Key, Heather Coltman, Jon Alger, Donna Harper, Towana Moore, Mary-Hope Vass and Jeff Bourne.  Back row left to right:  Anthony Tongen, Art Dean, Hollie Hall, Nick Langridge, Tim Miller, Malika Carter-Hoyt, Chris Orem and Rudy Molina.  Not pictured:  David Kirkpatrick, Caitlyn Read

Jonathan R. Alger
Alumnae Hall, Suite 208
MSC 7608, 91 Alumnae Drive

Jeff Bourne
Director of Athletics
Godwin Hall, Room 206
MSC 2301, 895 University Blvd.
(540) 568-8036

JMU Sports

Malika Carter-Hoyt
Vice President
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Chief Diversity Officer
Alumnae Hall, Room 202
MSC 7615, 91 Alumnae Drive
(540) 568-8957

Heather Coltman
Provost and Senior Vice President
Academic Affairs
Alumnae Hall, Suite 100
MSC 7607, 91 Alumnae Drive
(540) 568-6616
Academic Affairs

Art Dean
Associate Vice President, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
4020 Holland Yates Hall (formerly Madison Hall)
MSC 7611, 100 E. Grace St.
(540) 568-4506
Access and Inclusion

Hollie Hall
Dean of Students
Student Affairs
Student Success Center, Suite 3010
MSC 3534, 738 S. Mason St.
(540) 568-6468
Dean of Students

Donna Harper
Vice President, Access and Enrollment Management
Alumnae Hall, Suite 206
MSC 7613, 91 Alumnae Drive
(540) 568-3705 
Access and Enrollment Management

David Kirkpatrick
Chief of Staff
Alumnae Hall, Suite 208
MSC 7608, 91 Alumnae Drive
(540) 568-5682

Jack Knight
University Counsel and Senior Assistant Attorney General
Burruss Hall, Suite 104
MSC 7811, 820 Madison Drive
(540) 568-5242
University Counsel

Nick Langridge
Vice President
University Advancement
Alumnae Hall, Suite 206
MSC 7612, 91 Alumnae Drive
(540) 568-3197
University Advancement

Associate Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
Student Affairs
Student Success Center , Suite 3010
MSC 7902, 738 S. Mason St.
(540) 568-3340

Tim Miller
Vice President
Student Affairs
Alumnae Hall, Suite 202
MSC 7604, 91 Alumnae Drive
(540) 568-3685
Student Affairs

Rudy Molina
Vice Provost of Student Academic Success and Enrollment Management
Academic Affairs
Moody Hall, Room 102
MSC 1208, 90 Bluestone Dr.
(540) 568-2819
Student Academic Success and Enrollment Management

Towana Moore
Vice President for Administration and Finance
Alumnae Hall, Suite 107
MSC 7606, 91 Alumnae Drive
(540) 568-6434
Administration and Finance 

Elizabeth Oldmixon
Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs and Curriculum
Academic Affairs
Sheldon Hall, Room 104
MSC 7503, 71 Alumnae Drive
(540) 568-3404
Faculty and Curriculum

Chris Orem
Executive Director
Planning, Analytics and Institutional Research
Varner House
MSC 3803, 80 Bluestone Drive Drive
(540) 568-7208
Office of Institutional Research

Andy Perrine
Associate Vice President
University Marketing & Branding
Ice House, Room 405
MSC 3608, 127 W. Bruce St.
(540) 568-3405
University Marketing and Branding

Caitlyn Read
Director of State Government Relations
Burruss Hall, Room 216
MSC 7807, 820 Madison Drive
(540) 568-6435

Narketta Sparkman-Key
Vice Provost for Strategic Initiatives and Global Affairs
Academic Affairs
Burruss Hall, Room 211
MSC 7508, 820 Madison Drive
(540) 568-6076

Anthony Tongen
Vice Provost
Research and Scholarship
2043 Foundation Hall
MSC 4107, 1031 Harrison St.
(540) 568-7328
Research and Scholarship

Mary-Hope Vass
Executive Director of Communications and University Spokesperson
University Communications
Burruss Hall, Room 203
820 Madison Drive, MSC 8505
(540) 568-7487
University Communications

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