SLT photo on the quadFrom Left to Right: Dr. Heather Coltman, Ms. Susan Wheeler, Dr. Mark Warner, Mr. Charles King, President Jonathan Alger, Dr. Nick Langridge, Ms. Donna Harper, Dr. Mike Davis, Dr. Brian Charette, and Mr. Art Dean

Mr. Jonathan R. Alger
Wilson Hall, Suite 205
MSC 7608, 951 Madison Drive

Dr. Brian Charette
Special Assistant to the President for Strategic Planning & Engagement
223 Sheldon Hall
MSC 7507, 71 Alumnae Drive
(540) 568-5712

Dr. Heather Coltman
Provost and Senior Vice President
Academic Affairs
Wilson Hall, 4th Floor
MSC 7607, 951 Madison Drive
(540) 568-6616

Dr. Mike Davis
Executive Advisor to the President
Wilson Hall, Suite 205
MSC 7608, 951 Madison Drive
(540) 568-5682

Mr. Art Dean
Executive Director for Campus & Community Programs for Access and Inclusion
4020 Madison Hall
MSC 7611, 100 E. Grace St.
(540) 568-4506

Ms. Donna Harper
Vice President, Access and Enrollment Management
Wilson Hall, Suite 206
MSC 7613, 951 Madison Drive
(540) 568-3705

Mr. Charles King
Senior Vice President
Administration and Finance
Wilson Hall, Suite 102
MSC 7606, 951 Madison Drive
(540) 568-6434

Dr. Nick Langridge
Vice President
University Advancement
Wilson Hall, Suite 104
MSC 7612, 951 Madison Drive
(540) 568-3197

Dr. Mark Warner
Senior Vice President
Student Affairs
Wilson Hall, Suite 102
MSC 7604, 951 Madison Drive
(540) 568-3685

Ms. Susan Wheeler
University Counsel and Special Assistant
Attorney General
University Legal Services
Wilson Hall, Suite 113
MSC 7614, 951 Madison Drive
(540) 568-5242

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