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Engagement Fellow for the Honors College
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Carolynn Unger graduated from James Madison University in Spring 2023 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Media Arts and Design with a concentration in Journalism. She is currently serving as the Presidential Engagement Fellow for the Honors College. Her current interest in Journalism is radio broadcasting, in which she is a contributor for Shenandoah Valley Ever Green on WMRA. Some of her favorite activities include watching movies, reading, going on walks and spending time with her friends and family. She is excited to continue to be part of the JMU community through her work in the Honors College.


Position Overview

The Honors College at James Madison University cultivates a diverse community of inquisitive and aspirational learners from all parts of campus through distinctive and challenging educational experiences. Honors education is characterized by its commitment to academic excellence and holistic student development and provides an array of in-class and co-curricular activities. The JMU Honors College's core values are (1) independent, student-centered learning, (2) interdisciplinary training, (3) collaboration, and (4) active and informed service and leadership.

Community is the heart of the Honors experience. The Presidential Engagement Fellow supports student co-curricular engagement initiatives and mentors students, especially those engaged with the College's student organizations--Madison Honors Leadership Council, Honors Program Board, Shenandoah Peer Mentors, and Honors College Ambassadors. The Presidential Engagement Fellow also works with Honors College staff and students to develop and execute events and programs that promote community service, civic engagement, mental health, and academic/professional development opportunities. The Honors College highly values the Fellow's perspective as a recent graduate and welcomes them as a full member of the Honors College Team for the fellowship period.

Interested in Applying to this Fellowship Position?

JMU Presidential Engagement Fellows will: Represent the University and are held to the highest standards of performance and behavior. They should seek to provide quality service in their placements while growing both personally and professionally. Their past experience at James Madison University should inform their daily work as they seek to help this community grow and improve every day. They will serve as part of a cohort of Fellows dedicated to the Fellowship and James Madison University. They will also balance their commitment to the Program with the needs of their placement and the work needed for each to be successful.

  1. Demonstrate a commitment to the James Madison University Mission and Vision and a sense of responsibility and obligation within the community and organization they serve.
  2. Approach complex problems through the practice of interpersonal skills that promote teamwork and acceptance of diversity of thought regarding goals and priorities.
  3. Uphold meaningful and productive connections between the university and community, and be alert to possibilities for expansion.
  4. Explore personal strengths and improve upon weaknesses, with particular emphasis on developing career options and exploring life plan goals through experiential learning.
  5. Display an understanding of organizational communication and interconnectedness and how entities work together to solve larger community-based problems.

In addition to meeting the specific job description/expectations for the respective department, the Fellow will:

  • Exceed expectations within their placement and serve the JMU community through their 25 hours average per week in that role.
  • Work in their role for the time period of August 15 – May 15;
  • Engage in an average of 2 hours of weekly program activities:
  • Participate in all professional development activities organized by the program;
  • Attend weekly program staff meetings;
  • Represent the university at designated events and programs and serve as an ambassador for the university; and
  • Adhere to all JMU policies for employees; and
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

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