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2019-2020 Engagement Fellows Program

In keeping with its mission to produce educated and enlightened citizens, JMU is proud to support the Engagement Fellows Program. Fellows choose one of ten service year opportunities to explore engagement while serving James Madison University and the community. Each position lasts for 9 months, beginning August 2019.

JMU Engagement Fellows:

  • Demonstrate a sense of responsibility and obligation within the community and organization they serve.
  • Cultivate continued interest in public policies that promote community investments, connections, and improvements.
  • Uphold meaningful and productive connections between the university and community, and be alert to possibilities for expansion. 
  • Explore personal strengths and improve upon weaknesses, with particular emphasis on developing career options and exploring life plan goals through experiential learning.
Current Positions Include
  • The James Madison Center for Civic Engagement
  • Ethical Reasoning in Action
  • The Institute for Innovation in Health and Human Services
  • Food Access and Security
  • James Madison's Montpelier
  • The Office of the President
  • Center for Inclusive Music Education
  • Student Connection with Engagement
  • Campus Compact
  • Valley Scholars 
"My work has gone, day in and day out, toward inspiring deeper civic engagement." -Matt Darroch, 2017-2018 Montpelier Engagement Fellow

Engagement Fellows

Addison Tucker

Campus Compact Engagement Fellow


Bronwyn Neal

Student Connection with Engagement Fellow


Bryana Moore

Center for Civic Engagement Fellow


Hayley Jenkins

Engagement Fellow for the President's Office


Isaac Mensah-Yeboah

Basic Needs Access & Security Engagement Fellow


Katrina Libera

Ethical Reasoning Engagement Fellow


Lou Veramessa

The JMU Center for Inclusive Music Engagement Fellow

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Matthew Fosdick

Montpelier Engagement Fellow


Melody Hackett

Valley Scholars Engagement Fellow


Nahla Aboutabl

IIHHS Engagement Fellow

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