Women in Tech Conf

The Task Force on Artificial Intelligence (AI) at JMU has begun its work in understanding the uses and implications of AI within higher education and more broadly in society. The four areas of exploration are:

  • Authorship and the production of new knowledge;
  • AI and the student experience;
  • New contexts and meanings; and
  • Administrative applications of AI.
There has been robust interest in the working groups, with a total of 70 unique nominations or self-nominations from our campus community. Working groups are currently introducing themselves in the virtual space of Teams, providing their expertise and any reading or research materials that would be helpful to guide the conversation. As the task force develops, student groups will be launching soon and alumni will be visiting both periodically to contribute their knowledge and expertise. 
Expected Outcomes of the Task Force
  1. Develop guidance to JMU on the use of AI by faculty and students for teaching, learning and research. 

  2. Explore opportunities to integrate AI in core administrative functions

  3. Prepare students to use AI as they enter the workforce.

  4. Ensure that JMU develop AI-related policies that are just and equitable to all stakeholders.

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