Safety, at your fingertips

We know that life can  sometimes be a little unpredictable. At LiveSafe, we believe that you  should have access to the right tools and information, especially if it  means keeping yourself and your community safe. This is why we’ve  designed an app around your lifestyle, with your safety in mind. With LiveSafe, our goal is to put safety back in your hands.

How It Works

Share information, tips, and safety concerns with police via text messaging, including picture, video, and audio attachments, or even through live chat.

Stay anonymous anytime, or send your caller ID and location to police immediately when you call or message for help, allowing faster response times.

View a helpful safety map that displays where recent incidents have occurred, and nearby safety locations.

Let your family and friends see where you are by activating a GPS-tagged monitoring feature.

Receive notifications regarding important safey information in your community.

Get the App Today

Download LiveSafe on your Iphone or Android.

Select James Madison University as your agency.

Fill in your profile.

You are set. Use the app to stay safe every day.

Make a Difference

See something shady? With a few intuitive clicks, send picture, video, and text tips to the nearest police department.

Safety Information, When You Need It

View the latest reports in your  neighborhood, or receive safety broadcasts straight into your phone. By  staying informed, you can make safer decisions.

Stay Protected

In case something goes wrong, we’ve got you covered. Call or discreetly chat with the local police.

Have Friends Look Out For You

Late night at the library? Need to get home after a night out  with friends? You can share your location and even chat with them on the  go. Staying safe just got easier (and more social)!

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