Lieutenant Jamie E. Myers

Interim Patrol Commander
Anthony Seeger, MSC 6810
821 South Main Street
Harrisonburg, VA 22807
Telephone - 540.568.3413
Fax - 540.568.7926
Email -


Under Virginia law, the University Police have the mandate and authority to investigate all crimes occurring on the campus. The department's jurisdiction applies to all University owned, leased, rented, or controlled property and the streets and sidewalks adjacent there to. The authority, responsibility, and training of the University Police are as required of any other police officer in the Commonwealth. All crimes should be reported directly to the University Police by dialing 6911 from any campus telephone. Persons off campus should dial 540.568.6911. The reporting of crime occurring on campus to any other agency such as the Harrisonburg Police Department will delay the response while they transfer the complaint.

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