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Several members of the JMU chapter of have received national Phi Kappa Phi fellowships and awards of excellence since the chapter's founding in 1974. Recent award recipients include the following chapter members.

  • Andrew T. Pham: Phi Kappa Phi Graduate Fellowship ($5000 award), 2011
  • Christopher J. Carlson: Phi Kappa Phi Graduate Fellowship ($5000 award), 2010
  • Alexander K. Davis: Phi Kappa Phi Graduate Felowship ($5000 award), 2009
  • Takara C. Shourot: Phi Kappa Phi Award of Excellence ($2000 award), 2005
  • Kelly J. Baker: Phi Kappa Phi Award of Excellence ($2000 award), 2004
  • Vera G. Dianova: Phi Kappa Phi Graduate Fellowship ($8000 award), 2003

The Phi Kappa Phi Foundation also awards $1000 Study Abroad Grants. The following JMU students have been awarded these grants.

  • Hannah Facknitz, Ghana, 2013
  • Laura Bock, Venezuela, 2010
  • Daniel Richardson, United Kingdom, 2010

The JMU chapter for several years gave the Elizabeth B. Neatrour Memorial Award to an outstanding graduating senior to help defray the costs of graduate education. This award carries a $500 stipend to support graduate study. The following students have received the award.

  • Evi Fuelle (2013)
  • Daniel James Richardson (2012)
  • Andrew T. Pham (2011)
  • Christopher J. Carlson (2010)
  • Alexander K. Davis (2009)
  • Scott J. Pober (2008)
  • Erica H. Bonnano (2007)

Each year the chapter, in conjunction with the Xi of Virginia Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, chooses the two best honors thesis written that year. Phi Beta Kappa makes one award and Phi Kappa Phi makes the other. The winners are listed below.


Lillie Jacob (English), Drawn Queer: Queer Graphic Narratives as a Literary Movement


Paulina Bauer (Biotechnology), Examining big tau's role in DNA protection with CRISPR-Cas9 induced tau knockouts


Rhys Rene Frazier (English), How to Live Lessons from Old English and Old Norse Icelandic Wisdom Literature


Hannah Facknitz (History), Performing Authentic Savagery: National Myth-Making and Indigenous Survival at American World’s Fairs, 1893-1904


Naomi Gilbert (Biotechnology), Survey of microbial urea degrader diversity in two freshwater ecosystems: Lake Shenandoah and the Shenandoah River<


Meagan Riley (English), The Family Gothic: Identity and Kinship in the American Gothic Tradition


Rosemary Girard (WRTC), The Professional Writer’s Many Personae: Creative Nonfiction, Popular Writing, Speechwriting, and Personal Narrative


Andrea C. Morgan (Art History), After Rembrandt: Captain William Baillie and Print Culture in Eighteenth Century England


Caitlyn Paige Chalfant and Molly Annaleigh Picard (ISAT), Weapons of Mass Destruction in America: Assessing the Risk of a Possible Future Scenario and Its Implications


Sam Lasky (International Affairs), Causes of U.S. Humanitarian Intervention in the Post-Cold War Era


Emily Jacobson (Psychology), Effect of Foster Parent Training Programs on Satisfaction and Skill Retention


Maureen Anne Filak (Biology), Analyzing the Effect of Stage Specific RhoA Depletion during the Drosophila Life Cycle


Jeffrey Scott Turner (Integrated Science and Technology), The Pilot Scale Removal of Manganese from Wastewater by Ozone Treatment


Eric Hoppmann (Physics), Imposed Vibrations in Sheared Granular Systems


Kristen Klein (Psychology), Attribution Errors in Sexual Harassment: Examining Kelley's Model


Trinity Elizabeth Conrad (Communication Sciences and Disorders), Verb Morphological Patterns of 16-Year-Old Adolescents with and without Specific Language Impairment


Jeffrey Nelson Stottlemyer (History), Erosion of Will: Concentration Camps, Safe Areas and the Realities of Ethnic Cleansing in Bosnia-Herzegovina


Jennifer Lynn Muth (Chemistry), Synthetic Studies of 1-Methyl-2-phenylcyclobutene with Diflourocarbene: Direct Production of 1,3-Difluoroaromatics Through a Radical Cation- like Intermediate


Joseph Andrew Bush (Anthropology), Looking for Durdistan in the Images of Halabja: The Construction of National Identity through Visual Narratives of Violence


Patrick Thomas Rabenold (Mathematics), Simulation of Ideal Gas Expansions using Smooth Particle Mechanics


Bernadette Ann Higgins (Chemistry), Luminescent pH Sensors: Factors Affecting Response


Danielle Marie Pesce (History), The Logic of Eugenics: The Path from Social Darwinism to the Holocaust


Christy Riann Vestal (Chemistry), Reactions to Various First Row Transition Metal 2,4-Pentanedionato Complexes in Chemical Vapor Deposition Processes


Frank Davis Rosenblatt (Philosophy), Duty as Moral Obligation: Kant and Military Ethics

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