Giovanna Scarel


Associate Professor
Year Started at JMU: 2009
Contact Info

Research Description
  • Energetics of light matter interaction
  • PhD in Solid State Materials, 2001, University of Milwaukee, WI
  • BS equivalent in Solid State Physics, 1994, University of Trieste, Italy
Select Publications
  • G. Scarel and E.C. Stevens, “The effect of infrared light’s power on the infrared spectra of thin films”. World J. Cond. Matter Phys. vol. 9, pp. 1-21 (2019).
  • G. Scarel, “Quantum and non-quantum formulation of eye’s adaptation to light’s intensity increments”. World J. Cond. Matter Phys. vol. 9, pp. 62-74 (2019).
  • D.E. Boone, C.H. Jackson, A.T. Swecker, J.S. Hergenrather, K.S. Wenger, O. Kokhan, B. Terzić, I. Melnikov, I.N. Ivanov, E.C. Stevens, and G. Scarel, “Probing the wave nature of light-matter interaction”. World J. Cond. Matter Phys. vol. 8, pp. 62-89 (2018).

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