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Instructor of Philosophy
Contact Info

Office: Cleveland 220

Phone: (540) 568-6394



B.A. James Madison University

M.A. Temple University


Research and Teaching:

Michael Trocchia's research and teaching interests are in philosophy of literature and poetry, philosophy of art, philosophy of language, metaphysics, existentialism, and ancient philosophy. Courses taught include PHIL 101: Introduction to Philosopohy; PHIL 285: Philosophy, Art, and Literature; PHIL 344: Existentialism; and PHIL 120: Critical Thinking.  He is the receipient of the 2023 Provost Award for Excellence in Part-time Teaching and JMU's 2023 Community Service-Learning Award for Learning Partner of the Year.  He also recieved the General Education Distinguished Teaching Award in 2020.


Recent Publications and Presentations:

Journals and Anthologies:

"A Hint." Poetry International Online (April 2023)

"The Unbelievable." Ice Floe Press (Spring 2023)

"A Thousand Likenesses." Ice Floe Press (Spring 2023)

"Foregone." Ice Floe Press (Spring 2023)

"Verum and Factum." The Southern Poetry Anthology: Virginia (Texas Review Press, 2022)

"Impatiens." The Southern Poetry Anthology: Virginia (Texas Review Press, 2022)

"XXX of The Fatherlands." The Southern Poetry Anthology: Virginia (Texas Review Press, 2022)

"Shore Sign." Chicago Quarterly Review (Summer 2022)

"The Interpreters." The Midwest Quarterly (Fall 2021)

"Summit." The Chattahoochee Review (Fall 2020/Winter 2021)

"On the Secret Language of Birds." The Bitter Oleander (Fall 2020)

"See for Yourself." Arion: A Journal of Humanities and the Classics (Spring 2020)

"Young Calchas Sleeps." Arion: A Journal of Humanities and the Classics (Spring 2020)

"A Poverty of Futures." UCity Review (Fall 2019)

"Counsel of the Egg." UCity Review (Fall 2019)

"For Surplus." UCity Review (Fall 2019)

"Meridian Lyric." UCity Review (Fall 2019)

"One People." UCity Review (Fall 2019)

"Think to Yourself." UCity Review (Fall 2019)

"The Dancer." Fiction Southeast (Summer 2019)

Presentations and Conferences:

Series Coordinator, Be)Holding Love & Loss: An Interdisciplinary Arts and Humanities Series on Grief (Harrisonburg VA, Fall 2023)

Selected Poems. Library of Virginia's Virtual Reading for the release of The Southern Poetry Anthology, Volume IX: Virginia (Library of Virginia, online, April 2023)

Improvisation, and Play in Philosophy and Dance. The University of Utah, Salt Lake City UT, February 2023

"Aristotle and Happiness." Designed for staff at Lacey Spring Elementary School at the request of the school's counselor. (Video Presentation, May 2022)

Selected Poems. Love and Other Afflictions: A Poetry Reading.  (The Golden Pony, Harrisonburg VA, February 2022)

"Ethical Reasoning in the Library: Embracing Empathy, Finding Fairness, and Cutivating Character." Association of Southeastern Research Libraries (Webinar, October 2020)

"Teaching with Trocchia: Philosophy & Practice." The CommIns: A Community of Instructors (James Madison University, Harrisonburg VA, June 2020)

"Ethical Reasoning in the Library." Virginia Library Assocition Annual Conference (Hilton Norfolk The Main, Norfolk VA, October 2019)

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