The JMU Logic & Reasoning Institute presents

Logical Pluralism:  One Logic, or Many Logics?


An Online Conference: Friday, April 1, 2022


  • 10 AM (EST):  “Perspectival Logical Pluralism” - Zoom link

Roy T. Cook (Philosophy, University of Minnesota)

  • 10:45:  Q&A

  • NOON:  Logical Pluralism: Boring Truth? Exciting Falsehood?" - Zoom link

Erik Stei (Philosophy, Utrecht University)     

  • 12:45: Q&A

  • 2:00: “Logical Pluralism and Logical Disputes” - Zoom link

Teresa Kouri Kissel (Philosophy, Old Dominion University)    

  • 2:45 Q&A


Sponsored by Department of Philosophy and Religion, James Madison University

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