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The Center for the Interdisciplinary Study of Terrorism and Peace (CISTP) at James Madison University (JMU) helps bridge the gaps between academia and local, state, and federal governmental leaders, intelligence agencies, NGOs, and others working to counter violent extremism and foster peace around the globe. Our interdisciplinary team of Faculty Fellows and Student Research Interns work on a wide variety of projects aimed at fostering sustainable peace.

Our Vision

The Center for the Interdisciplinary Study of Terrorism and Peace (CISTP) at James Madison University (JMU) is academia engaged with the wider world to make a significant impact on the problem of terrorism and the challenges this poses for peace around the globe and in the U.S.  By defining peace as the physical, psychological, material, cultural, and ecological well being of peoples, and bringing a diverse set of faculty experts into conversation with other change makers, we aim to illuminate and address the systemic obstacles to achieving sustainable peace.

Our Mission

CISTP brings diverse parties into conversation with one another to rethink complex problems stemming from a wide variety of challenges, including the intersecting threats of terrorism, Islamophobia, identity conflicts, refugee creation, immigrant integration, and climate change. The CISTP Faculty Fellows at JMU provide non-partisan subject matter expertise from the humanities, social sciences, education, natural sciences, arts, and intelligence analysis, focusing on long-term, systemic thinking about how to achieve sustainable peace.  Our Faculty Fellows and Student Research Interns have served as a resource for members of the intelligence community, policy makers, NGOs, and others interested in thinking about complex, systems based progress toward sustainable peace. We conduct workshops and seminars that are local, national, and globe in scope and provide expertise on a wide range of issues related to countering violence. We also aim to share new approaches to the study of terrorism and peace through actively engaging in research and peer-reviewed publications from a variety of disciplinary perspectives

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