CLEP is a national program that offers students credit by computer-based examination. This allows students to have the opportunity to obtain recognition for achievement in specific college courses. Credit received from CLEP exams at JMU may only be awarded to current ADP students.

To purchase your examination and obtain information specific to the test you are taking, visit the CLEP website at

Tests are administered by appointment only. For additional information on scheduling an appointment, contact the ADP office by email: or by phone: 540-568-4253.

The following is very important and should be noted as well:

  1. CLEP credits do not count towards the 60 credits from a 4-year institution nor do they count towards the 30 credits from JMU requirements.
  2. CLEP testing must be included in your program of study and approved by your academic advisor.
  3. CLEP credits are posted to your transcript in the semester you passed the exam.
  4. Plan to take CLEP exams early, do not wait until your last semester. 
  5. Students are not able to use CLEP tests to fulfill any of the additional foreign language, philosophy, natural science, or mathematics credits which are required to complete either the B.A. in Individualized Study or the B.S. in Individualized Study.
  6. If you enrolled in the Adult Degree Program prior to the Fall 2021 semester, you will have one academic year (until the start of the Fall 2022 semester) to use CLEP exams to fulfill any general education requirements.
  7. If you enrolled in the Adult Degree Program after the start of the Fall 2021 semester, you will not be able to use CLEP exams to fulfill any general education requirements.

CLEP now offers test takers the option to take a virtual CLEP exam with remote proctoring. Each CLEP exam taken with remote proctoring has the same timing, content, format, and on-screen experience as the test you would take at a CLEP test center. Your remote-proctored exam appointment will be monitored by a human proctor online through Proctortrack, CLEP’s remote proctoring partner. 

For more information on virtual CLEP exams, visit CLEP’s remote proctoring information page

**Inclement Weather Alert** If the university is closed or delayed due to inclement weather, CLEP exams will be canceled. We will work with you to reschedule for a later date. 

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