Peer Assited Study Sessions (PASS)

What is PASS?

Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) are a student-facilitated academic support program designed to help you improve your performance and retention in specific courses. What makes PASS unique is that the session leaders have successfully completed the course with the same professor. These students attend the same lectures you do, and they prepare additional course materials/handouts that reinforce the information you are currently learning in the course in a group setting.

During PASS, students work with leaders and their classmates to review lecture notes, course content, work on practice problems, and discuss ways to enhance their learning and study skills. The sessions are free, voluntary, and open to students of designated courses regardless of their knowledge or ability level. PASS are typically held twice a week for 50 minutes outside of  class time. They are typically scheduled between 4:00 - 9:30 p.m. Sunday through Thursday in various buildings across campus.


FALL 2019 supported courses:





  • BIO 140
  • BIO 150
  • BIO 270
  • BIO 280
  • BIO 290
  • CHEM 120
  • CHEM 131
  • CHEM 132
  • CHEM 241
  • MATH 107
  • MATH 108
  • MATH 205
  • COB 291
  • ECON 201

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