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PASS Administration

Matt Trybus, M.Ed. 

PASS Coordinator, Instructional Faculty
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Matt Trybus is the Coordinator of PASS. Matt holds an M.Ed. in Higher Education and Student Administration from the University of Vermont, a teaching license from Saint Michael’s College, and a B.A. in History from the University of Montana. Prior to coordinating the PASS program, Matt served as Assistant Director of James Madison’s Office of Disability Services for 7 years. In addition to working with members of the JMU community to realize their potential, Matt is passionate about his family, friends, cycling, food, and balance.

Matt Trybus

Darius Green, Ph.D. 

PASS Assistant Coordinator

Darius is the Assistant Coordinator of the PASS Program. He earned his M.Ed. in Clinical Mental Health and Addictions Counseling at The College of William and Mary and his doctorate in Counselor Education at James Madison University. His interests include wellness, diversity, social justice, and enhancing teaching pedagogy.

Darius Green
PASS Leadership Team

Kiarra Steer, M.A.

PASS Graduate Assistant

Kiarra is a graduate student pursuing an Ed.S. degree in School Psychology. She received a B.S. in Psychology from the University of Central Florida and a M.A. in School Psychology from JMU. She loves playing with her dogs, traveling, and trying new restaurants. After she graduates, she plans to start her career as a school psychologist and move to a different state.

kiarra steer

Claire Ravenburg

Professional Development Leader

Claire is a senior Biotech major. She is in the Honors College and is involved with research in the Biology department. After JMU, she hopes to pursue graduate programs and possibly get a Ph.D. in plant biotech. She lives on a farm with her horse, Faith and enjoys reading and cooking.

Claire Ravenburg

Julia-Marie Ralston

Observation Leader

Julia is a senior accounting major. She intends to stay for her Master’s degree and become a CPA. Julia loves to read and cook, and she spends most of her free time with her dog. Their favorite spot is the JMU Arboretum.

Biology PASS Leaders
madeline fudala

Naomi Shimozono

Course: BIO 290

Professor: Velayudhan

Naomi is a senior Kinesiology major with a Pre-Physical Therapy minor. In her free time (when she's not doing something anatomy-related), she likes to babysit (she loves kids!), spend time with her dog, and go hiking. After graduation, she plans to pursue her DPT and become a practicing physical therapist. She also hopes to obtain her Ph.D. after PT school so she can teach college courses like human anatomy. 

Claire O'Hanlon

Course: BIO 150

Professor: Hyman

Claire is a senior Biology major with an Ecology concentration. She is currently in a jmu research lab that studies lemur behavior, and she is the head Hip-Hop instructor for Dancing Dukes. After completing grad school, she hopes to someday work as a conservation biologist doing field research on mammal behavior. 

Madeline Fudala

Course: BIO 140

Professor: Monroe

Maddie is a senior theatre major. She is involved in the Harrisonburg Rescue Squad; she knows sign language; and she participates in Biology research in Davis Lab. Maddie plans to attend med school or take a gap year doing research at the NIH.

Paulo Arabit

Course: BIO 140

Professor: Doyle

Paulo is a junior Health Sciences major. He is a part of the fencing club at JMU. He also enjoys listening to music, cooking, playing World of Warcraft, and is currently obsessed with The Witcher series on Netflix. After JMU, he hopes to go to Dental School and ultimately open his own practice. He also wants to go to the Czech Republic to see all of the historic sites/capitals.


Catherine Dickinson

Course: BIO 245

Professor: Menon

Catherine is a senior Health Sciences major. She is in the American Red Cross club as well as S.H.A.C. club. When Catherine isn’t studying, she enjoys painting or watching Netflix. After JMU, she plans on pursuing her masters degree in public health to become a health nurse practitioner.

Chemistry PASS Leaders
ben chiovaro
lauren trzcinski

Ben Chiovaro

Course: CHEM 120

Professor: Wilson/Funck

Ben is a senior Health-Sciences major. He participates in intervarsity and pick-up volleyball in his spare time. After JMU, he hopes to go to graduate school. He enjoys hiking, taking pictures, playing volleyball, and running.

Hannah Anderson

Course: CHEM 131

Professor: Blumling

Hannah is a sophomore Chemistry major, and she is a part of the Honors College. After JMU, she plans to go to pharmacy school to pursue a degree in compounding pharmacy. In her free time, she likes to read, spend time with family and friends, and go on adventures.

Kateryna Marku

Course: CHEM 131

Professor: Warnaar

Kateryna is a junior chemistry major. She is an RA in White Hall. She is involved in the Pre-med association, SAACS, and participates in research in the Chemistry Department. She enjoys hiking and biking in her free time. After JMU, Kateryna plans on attending medical school.

Lauren Trzcinski

Course: CHEM 132

Professor: Tam

Lauren is a junior Biology major. She is a part of intervarsity, and she is involved with research in the Biology Department. After JMU, she hopes to pursue medical school. She enjoys hiking, working out, and eating.

samantha martin

Samantha Martin

Course: CHEM 132

Professor: Liu

Sam is a senior Biology major with a Neuroscience concentration. She volunteers at the Health Center, and she is a part of Tri Beta fraternity and Phi Mu sorority. Sam likes to read, watch Netflix, and play volleyball. Her plan after college is to attend dental school.

Camden Powers

Course: CHEM 241

Professor: Caran

Camden is a senior majoring in Psychology with plans to go to medical school after JMU. At JMU, she participates in SMLC, research, and Young Life. In her free time, she likes to cook, paint, play volleyball, and relax.

COB PASS Leaders

Anna McGrath

Course: COB 291

Professor: Palocsay

Anna is a Junior marketing major with a minor in business analytics. She is a painter, a rock climber, and a member of the Gamma Phi Beta sorority. She is a vegetarian and a lover of animals and hopes to adopt a cat soon. After graduation, Anna would like to move to San Diego, California and get a job in marketing. 

Paige Leigh Rufolo

Course: COB 291

Professor: Markham

Paige is a junior Accounting major with a minor in Business Spanish. She enjoys cooking, baking, hiking, and watching movies. After graduation, she hopes to attend JMU's M.S.A. program and then continue her education at law school.

Hannah Hodgkiss

Course: COB 291

Professor: Vaziri

Hannah is an Accounting major with a minor in Honors and a concentration in leadership. She is from Eldersburg, Maryland, and she is a member of Zeta Tau Alpha and Phi Sigma Pi on campus. After graduation, she hopes to go on to get her CPA license and become an auditor for international companies​. 

Brian Mantone

Course: COB 291

Professor: Yekta

Brian is a senior Computer Information Systems major with a minor in Business Analytics. A fun fact about Brian is that he can solve a Rubix Cube in under 40 seconds. After graduation, he is going to work in New York City with KPMG as an Advisory Associate in their Technology Assurance practice.


Sydney Spevak

Course: COB 291

Professor: Novoa

Sydney is a junior Management major with a minor in Economics. She is also currently in the process of applying to the Business Analytics minor. Sydney is from Richmond, VA and is a co-captain of JMU's club equestrian team. In her free time, she enjoys skiing, swimming, and hiking. 


Emelia Potteiger

Course: ECON 200

Professor: Cavusoglu

Emelia is a Junior Economics major here at JMU. When she is not participating in activities with her sorority, Delta Delta Delta, or the Madison Investment Fund, she enjoys spending time with friends and family. Emelia hopes to work in either New York or D.C. upon graduation.

Shana Wareechatchai

Course: ECON 201

Professor: Smith

Shana is a Junior double-majoring in Economics and International Affairs. She also has a minor in French and Data Analytics. Shana is the treasurer of the Global Commerce Club and a member of the Asian Student Union. In her free time, she enjoys watching movies, baking, reading, rock climbing, and karaoke.

Caroline Barnes

Caroline Barnes

Course: MATH 107

Professor: Gibson

Caroline is a junior IDLS major at JMU. Outside of class, she is active in Intervarsity. She loves teaching and running. Post-graduation, she plans to get her masters in teaching and hopes to one day teach Algebra I in Fairfax county.

Noah Felsen

Course: MATH 205

Professor: Nelson

Noah is a sophomore finance major from Northern Virginia. In his free time, he loves to sing for the JMU acapella group, Rescored, as well as hanging out with friends.

Katherine Snare

Course: MATH 205

Professor: Radloff

Katherine is a Junior SMAD major here at JMU. Katherine is a part of Intervarsity, and she enjoys volunteering with JMU’s Sports Nutritionist. Her hobbies include reading and watching Netflix. In the future, Katherine hopes to be working with the design team of a brand she is passionate about.

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