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Below you will find information rearding the PASS program and how it works to support student acheivement.

What is PASS?

PASS is a based on the Supplemental Instruction (SI) academic support model from the International Center for Supplemental Instruction. PASS focuses on utilizing evidence-based approaches to support student learning and success in traditionally difficult courses at JMU. PASS supports academic achievement by offering:

  • Group facilitated session
  • Student-led discussions
  • Safe learning environments
  • More time dedicated to developing a deep understanding of content
Will PASS affect my grade?

The impact of the PASS program moves beyond the realm of aspirational thinking and there is data to support the success that it has had for many students at JMU. On average, students that attend at least one PASS session obtain a higher grades at the end of the semester when compared to students that attended no PASS sessions. Additionally, our data shows that students that attend more PASS sessions (9+) throughout the semester are likely to see even larger improvements in their grades when compared to those that attend less sessions.

How does PASS affect students?

Students that attend PASS sessions tend to experience a shift in expectations about their potential for success in their PASS supported course. Here are a some shifts in attitude from students based on their experience of attending PASS sessions:


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