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Apply to be a P.A.S.S Leader

Position Summary:

The Peer Assisted Study Sessions (P.A.S.S.) leader is a model student who facilitates study sessions for students who are enrolled in a supported section of courses where students historically have a rate of receiving D's and F's, or withdrawing. P.A.S.S. offers a different approach that what a TA or tutor might. The peer leader plans and facilitates sessions where students help each other. The idea is to have students build routine study habits with their peers, where they feel comfortable asking questions and can learn by explaining ideas and concepts to each other.

Peer leaders report to the JMU Learning Centers Supplemental Instruction Coordinator.

Essential Tasks:

  • Attend all class meetings and take notes for the assigned course section
  • Plan and facilitate two structured, 50-minute weekly SI sessions, which are open to all students enrolled in the supported course section
  • Maintain attendance records for each session
  • Attend peer leader training and workshops during the semester
  • Communicate clearly with the Supplemental Instruction Coordinator and course faculty regarding session plans

Qualifications/Special Skills Required:

This position is only available for current JMU students

Position candidates should have received an A or B at JMU for the course they want to support.

Peer leaders have excellent listening, administrative, organizational, and study skills; a history of outstanding class attendance and performance; and the ability to communicate effectively with peers, staff, and faculty.

If you are interested in becoming a peer leader, please contact PASS at