Graphic outlining the three core areas of the strategic planning process: sustained excellence, advancing current objectives, and long-range vision. Long-Range Vision is highlighted.


The Long-Range Vision process looks far into the future to anticipate the needs of tomorrow’s students and to develop strategies that take years to implement, but will sustain JMU as a leader in the everchanging higher education landscape.

Emerging Future Themes

This process begins with what we are currently calling JMU’s Emerging Future Themes. These are descriptions about JMU’s future place within higher education, aspirational statements about the university we are striving to become and ways in which we will have a positive impact in the surrounding community, nation, and the world.

The Emerging Future Themes are emerging because they reflect the collective vision of JMU’s leadership, which recognizes the need to be flexible in how we approach the future. Thus, they are meant to reflect the understanding that higher education is a dynamic enterprise and effective visioning requires the ability to adapt to a changing landscape.

Big Ideas

The Emerging Future Themes will form the guideposts for the next Strategic Plan, identifying the ways in which JMU will shape the future of higher education and the students it serves. To realize these themes, we must develop bold strategies that require collaboration, expertise, and resources to implement successfully. These strategies, or Big Ideas, are currently being sourced by JMU faculty, staff, and students and combined with existing initiatives that will propel JMU forward over the next decade and beyond.

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