Institutional Research staff are able to assist members of the JMU community with information needed to inform decision-making.

Before submitting a request, we invite you to explore our website for many sources of readily available, historical, and official information about our students, faculty, and staff.

If the information on the site does not meet your needs, please click on the link at the bottom of this page to complete a data request form.

Who can use this form to request data?

JMU faculty, staff, students, and affiliates. You must be able to authenticate with your JMU credentials.

For external users, please email PAIR@jmu.edu.

What type of data can we provide?

The vast majority of our data used in reporting and analysis is based on historical and official university data. Data from the most recent term is usually available within 2-3 months of the term’s completion. Other data are census-based, and are generally available by the end of the current semester. OIR staff can provide information on the most recent data available for your specific needs.

While much of the information below can be found in our self-service dashboards, we may also be able to assist you with information about/for:

  • Student, faculty, and staff demographics based on aggregated, census date or prior-year data not found in OIR factbook
  • Enrollment trends
  • Comparisons to peer institutions on numerous institution-level metrics
  • Subsequent enrollment of JMU graduates and non-finishers
  • Retention and graduation rates for specific majors and certain demographics

What types of data are we currently unable to provide?

The following requests are ones we are currently unable to complete, because they fall beyond the scope or capacity of our office. An alternate contact is provided if available.

If you are unsure whether or not your request meets one of the descriptions above, please go ahead and submit it—we will consider all requests.

Fill out a Data Request Form

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